Feb 162017

We have been receiving a lot of support inquiries with regards to a missing DYMOPrinting.dll file.  If you have this problem, the simplest solution is to copy the DYMOPrinting.dll file from your installation folder to the folder where your application is executing.

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  1. Hey There,

    where should one put the .dll ?
    I’m using the SDK with the javascript library … so there is not exactly a “executing” folder.

    Any answer would be much appreciated

  2. Our new DLS release should fix this.

    Please download the new DLS release here:


  3. How to print .png file in Right roll


    DYMO.Label.Framework.Com.Framework zObjStamp = new DYMO.Label.Framework.Com.Framework();
    // Load Base64 string
    // How to load to ILabel above Image Stream?

    //For Laoding .label file below code is useful
    zObjILabel = DYMO.Label.Framework.Label.Open(xszImagePath);

    //My requirement is endicia will give base64 png data i.e stamp i am using Dymo labelwritter 450 twin turbo in right roll i need to print stamps in DLS we are loading only .label files

    zObjIPrinter = Framework.GetPrinters()[Properties.Settings.Default.SettingStampPrinterName];
    if (zObjIPrinter is ILabelWriterPrinter)
    zObjILabelWriterPrinter = zObjIPrinter as ILabelWriterPrinter;
    if (zObjILabelWriterPrinter.IsTwinTurbo)
    zObjILabelWriterPrintParams = new LabelWriterPrintParams();
    zszPrintTray = Properties.Settings.Default.SettingsPrinterTray;
    zObjILabelWriterPrintParams.RollSelection = RollSelection.Right;
    zObjILabel.Print(zObjIPrinter, zObjILabelWriterPrintParams);

  4. I also had this issue within a WPF application, while the SDK samples were working fine. The issue got resolved by unchecking the “Prefer 32-bit” option on the project properties page.

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