May 292018

Hi everyone,

Today, we are releasing an updated version of our JS SDK and DLS to address some security and TLS issues. These updates are now live on and You will find download links below. Please note that the latest version of DLS requires the latest version of JS SDK. If you plan to update your users’ DLS version then you will also need to update the JS SDK version used in your application.

DYMO Label Framework JS SDK –

DLS Windows 8.7.2 –

DLS Mac 8.7.2 –

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  1. Still no fix for multiple users being logged in to the same computer? I was excited to install and test, but no luck. When I have multiple users logged in to the same computer, printing label success is sporadic. So I tested it straight from your page at:

    I hit Ctrl+F5 to make sure latest was loaded, I’ve installed 8.7.2.

    If I have multiple users logged in with Dymo web service running, I sporadically get the following message: says
    No DYMO printers are installed. Install DYMO printers.

    If I only have one user logged in with Dymo web service running, it works every time.

    Please advise… We really need this to start working when multiple users log in to same machine.

    • Hi Owen,

      Sorry you are still having trouble… 8.7.2 should fix the problem for you.

      I can think of two possible problems:
      1. You may need to run the uninstall for each user.
      2. You may need to do a reboot after completing the 8.7.2 install.

      Check your process list in the Task Manager to make sure you have only one copy of the service running.

      Let me know if this gets you going!


      • SOLVED: FYI: In the past, I didn’t want the web service running for users other than me, because of the problems it caused. So long ago I had disabled the service using MSConfig, and had added a shortcut to launch it in only my user’s startup folder. So when I just now upgraded, the install put the startup back in msconfig, AND my startup folder link was still there. I deleted that startup shortcut (from C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup).

        All is well now.

        • UPDATE: Still having issues afterall. With multiple users logged in, it fails to print labels a lot of the time. The solution is to kill the web service for that user and start it again. Then it works until a different user logs on and prints a label.

  2. Could you provide a link for the 3.0 documentation? The link should really be on every developers page in my opinion.

    • Hi Frank,

      The documentation has not been updated yet.

      Most of the changes are internal and will not effect your interface to it.
      Here is the one change:
      dymo.label.framework.init() function takes a callback as a parameter which is later invoked once initialization is finished.
      However in order to get the current status of the framework, additional call to checkEnvironment() is typically made.
      In order to make init() more user-friendly, a callback is now invoked with a parameter containing same result object that would be obtained through a call to checkEnvironment() otherwise.
      For existing code, nothing has changed since the parameter-less callback functions will continue to work with new framework.


  3. Hi,

    I just upgraded to DLS 8.7.2 on MacOS. Now, when I click the Dymo Label Web Service icon and then click “Diagnose”, I receive the message “Error: SecureChannelFailure (One or more errors occurred.)”.

    I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing twice and I still get the same error.

    In case it helps, here is the log file from ~/.local/share/DYMO/DLS8/DLSWebServicelog –

    I see a number of errors that say “Host setup failed: None of the ports were configured to use SSL certificate”.

    Do you have any idea what is going on?

    • Hello Marc,

      I have forwarded this issue to our MacOS team. I will let you know what I here back.


      • I am running into the same issue, mac OS 10.12 and 10.13

        • Same. Bump. Same issue on a Mac version 8.7.2.

          • My Mac guy said this:

            This looks like certificates/keys misconfiguration, can you get list of files from ~/.config/.mono/httplistener folder by using this command in Terminal:
            > ls -al ~/.config/.mono/httplistener


          • Marc, Mark, and Ron. I was able to fix this issue on Mac by going into my Keychain and deleting the Certificates for Dymo, Restarting my computer and then reinstalling the DLS 8.7.2 DMG, then allowed me to verify by using the diagnose option that the service was running.

          • Hi David – thanks for your suggestion, that worked for me (removing dymo certificates and then re-installing).

            @Ron – David’s solution worked for me, but just FYI – before I tried that, I ran the “ls -al ~/.config/.mono/httplistener” command and there were no files in that directory. After David’s solution, there are about 20 files that are all numerically named and ending in either .cer or .pvk.

  4. Hi,

    I get the following error message when using the new javascript framework. Any advise?

    “No access-control-allow-origin” header is present on the requested resource.

    I tried to copy paste the complete code, but your forum is blocking it because it thinks it’s spam.

    I hope you help me with this.

    Best regards,

  5. I have the same problem, updating to the new version.

  6. Hi,

    We have been using the DYMO SDK in a x86 WPF Application for some years without troubles, but after update the DSL to version 8.7.1 we cannot print labels any more. When we try to request the label writers from Framework, SDK returns the following message:
    “Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {E8D851FA-9967-4ADF-9644-0183B9B1EA68} failed due to the following error: 80040154 Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)).”

    Please, help! What should I do to solve this issue?

    Thank you in advance,

    • Hi Shora,

      It sounds like some aspect of your DLS upgrade failed. Do the following:
      1 Uninstall DLS
      2 Reboot
      3 Install DLS

      I think this will fix your issue.


  7. Can you please add a WSDL to the printer service? This would make it much easier for languages such as Java and C# and would also help self-document the service.

  8. Is this the big update we have been waiting for that will help the Chrome browser not lose it’s connection to the DYMO? Thanks in advance.

  9. We are having CORS issues in Chrome. Your web service should supply a Allowed-Origins: * header for this to be fixed. PLEASE FIX THIS

  10. It appears there is also an issue with labels created in 8.7.2 being incompatible with people running older versions of the software. after looking at the XML it appears that a MediaType=”Default” has been added to the .label XML which causes the error. Our goal is to get all of our partners that use our web app in conjunction with the dymo web service upgraded to 8.7.2 but with the “trustfailure” issue on Mac OS updating is not a reliable option.

  11. Hello,
    with the most recent Windows 10 Update, in my webapp that uses Dymo Label Writer I get the “SEC7120 error: origin not found in access-control-allow-origin header” and the Dymo stops working correctly as before.
    How can i solve it?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Cris,

      Is this issue with some custom code that you wrote, or is it from our DLS software? What version of DLS?


      • Hello,
        i use 8.7.2 with my custom web application that invokes Dymo Label Web Service; it was running fine before latest Windows update; the windows version is: Windows10, Version 1803 (build SO 17134.81) and it occurs for every browser: Edge, Chrome Firefox..

  12. When using anything other than chrome i get the following, this is from firefox dev browser:

    Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at
    * url comment spam won’t allow*/DYMO/DLS/Printing/StatusConnected. (Reason: CORS request did not succeed).

    this is viewing too

  13. I get the following error message on some websites. I guess it’s hosting related, but I can’t figure why it’s happening.

    Kan geen verbinding maken omdat de doelcomputer de verbinding actief heeft geweigerd

    Translated from dutch to English (I don’t know the exact English error message)
    Can not connect because the target computer has actively rejected the connection

    It happens when opening label file ont he following request:

    It is working with other sites on different hosting.

    Any ideas?

    • Hi Bart,

      This sounds like a security issue perhaps regarding the file system. You may need to look at your browsers security settings.


  14. We just discovered this issue when one of our employees installed DYMO DLS fresh and then received an error when trying to print custom labels from our webapp in a browser via the DYMO web service.

    Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at https://localhost:41951/DYMO/DLS/Printing/StatusConnected. (Reason: CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ missing).

    My question is, if we update our webapp to use the new JS SDK, will that require all users to update their DLS also? Or is the JS SDK backwards compatible? I’d like to know before attempting to update our webapp.


    • Hi Mike,

      Updating just your server side code will fix some issues but not all. This release was targeted at security issues, we recommend that the client and server side get upgraded.


  15. Our application uses DYMO’s .NET Framework library but it seems that the .NET framework library is depended on the DLS version? The document says the .NET framework library has no dependency on the DYMO executable but it doesn’t seem to be the case here. We references the DYMO.Common.dll, DYMO.DLS.Runtime.dll, DYMO.Label.Framework.dll. And if we use the 8.7.0 version then any user upgraded to 8.7.1 or 8.7.2 will not be able to get a list of printers and so on. If we use 8.7.2 version then the user on 8.7.0 won’t work. This is a nightmare now in terms of deployment as now we will have to force all or our user to upgrade their DYMO software just because there’s a new DLS version.

    • Hello Lei,

      You should be referencing just DYMO.Label.Framework. Is there a reason you are referencing the other dlls?


      • We are referencing DYMO.DLS.Runtime.dll and DYMO.Common.dll because if we make a call to DYMO.Label.Framework.Framework.GetLabelWriterPrinters() it will fail without referencing to those two other DLLs. The assembly that gets installed by DYMO DLS doesn’t seem to be in GAC. It always have the latest file in installation directory such as C:\Program Files (x86)\DYMO\DYMO Label Software\Framework but not in GAC. So our software won’t be able to get either of those two assemblies. But if we distribute those two assemblies with our software, then it seems to be version dependent. Can you provide guidance as to how we should resolve this problem?

        • Hi Lei,

          The best thing to do is compare your project with how we do it in the samples we provide. There is a C# sample that uses the framework that would be very useful for you.


          • I did reference your C# example and it references DYMO.Label.Framework.dll but on build it copies the same 3 assembly to local folder of the sample application. The sample also does not work when it is build with 8.7.0 installed and then later upgrade DLS to 8.7.2. And upon further inspection, your sample application also does not return any printer list after upgrade exactly like our application. Which boil down to where I started. I can get this working, but the SDK assembly is not installed in GAC so we have to copy to application’s folder but then newer software does not work with older assembly version. Can you suggest anything else other than the fact that we have to force all of our users onto the same DLS version?

          • Hello Lei,

            I will investigate.


  16. Hello,

    I’ve a problem with the web service. The framework doesn’t find my printer.
    I’m running windows 10 (v. 1803) and Dymo Label Software 8.7.2 and the latest js (3.0)

    When i click on the diagnose web service button i’ve a window telling that : “The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel”

    I’ve also tried to clear all cache and history etc from Edge.

    The problem is the same in Internet Explorer.

    Can anyone help me ?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi there,

      Is this a new problem due to an upgrade? What model number printer do you have? Can the printer be found using DLS on this computer?


  17. Hi,

    The version install was the 8.5.1. I’ve tried the latest version to solve the problem without success.
    The DLS find the printer.
    The printer is the LabelWriter 400 Turbo

    Thanks in advance,


  18. We are trying to install this on one of our Windows 7 Computers, it has installed fine on a few others but we cannot get it to install on this one. Windows 7 Professional SP1. When installing we are receiving a Windows Installer Popup with instructions on how to format the command line to install the MSI. I can manually go into our temp folder to find the MSI File and can manually install it but because it is not completing the installation the certificates don’t get installed and it won’t run. Please let us know if you need any more information, thank you.

    We found the following, just linking it because seems to be similar issue:

  19. Hi,
    Do you have .NET Standard version of protocol for label writer?
    Just producing byte stream would be great as I am writing xamarin app and can connect to BT printer directly.


  20. Hi,
    I have site that generates labels with 2 object fields and a barcode. It works fine on windows and the preview and the print works as expected. However when I run the site from a Mac all that shows is the barcode.

    The Label is generated via javascript using a label template and which it then sets the object fields by label.setObjectText(“”,””) and we just use label.render() to show the view.

    Not sure why the same code is returning two different results on different machines.

    • Hi Vincent,

      Are you able to debug the javascript to see that your code is running as expected on both platforms?


      • Checking the javascript both plathforms show the same results. I do see the values getting loaded into the labelset.

        I think I’ve solved one of the labels. Windows seems to ignore the font color of the label template while the Mac enforces it. The label template that I was referencing set the object font color to white. Changing it to black shows it on both platforms.

        However, I still have 2 other older labels to try and work out.

  21. Hi,
    With the latest version of the software my Labelmanager PnP that i use for printing QR codes prints the label in poor quality and the result is a non-readable label. The last version that print with the best quality QR codes is the 8.5.1. I’m running on Windows 7 x64, also on windows 10 same quality problem

  22. I’m running into very weird CORS / host issues. The DYMO web service responds on htt ps://127. 0.0.1:419 51/ fine but throws a HTTP 405 on ht tps://l ocalhost:41 951/. This is an issue as the SDK uses ht tps://local host so no apps are working. I noticed the code calls StartHost(“” and I tried replacing this with StartHost (“localhost and got an error about WCF namespace reservations, with a link to docs.micro work/wcf/feature-de tails/configuring-http-an d-https. I’m not familiar enough with .NET / WCF to go any further here, but I expect several of the above comments regarding CORS are running into this same issue.

    I’ve tried uninstalling / reinstalling and I’m definitely using the latest version.

    (Spaces added to URLs to try to get comment to post)

  23. There is an issue with the DLS Web Service in version 8.7.2. It changed the listening address in mono from localhost:41951 to Since the mono web service requires an exact header match all apps that used hxxps://localhost:41951/DYMO/DLS/Printing/StatusConnected no longer work in 8.7.2:

    $ curl hxxps://localhost:41951/DYMO/DLS/Printing/StatusConnected
    Bad Request (Invalid host)

    Reverting back to 8.6.2 fixed the issue for me:

    $ grep StartHost /Users/me/.local/share/DYMO/DLS8/DLSWebService.log

    DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe Information: 0 : StartHost: hxxps://localhost:41951/DYMO/DLS/Printing
    DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe Information: 0 : StartHost: hxxps://localhost:41951/DYMO/DLS/Printing
    DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe Information: 0 : StartHost: hxxps://
    DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe Information: 0 : StartHost: hxxps://
    DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe Information: 0 : StartHost: hxxps://
    DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe Information: 0 : StartHost: hxxps://
    DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe Information: 0 : StartHost: hxxps://
    DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe Information: 0 : StartHost: hxxps://localhost:41951/DYMO/DLS/Printing

    PS: xx = tt to bypass the comment anti-spam filter

    • Hi Richard,

      Are you using the latest JS SDK? (version 3.0) DLS 8.7.2 should be used with JS 3.0.


      • I’m not sure. This is on which uses localhost and does not work with 8.7.2.

        • I am not sure who is responsible for that website, but DLS 8.7.s requires the use of the latest javascript SDK. The owner of the website may need to make a change.


          • I ended up replacing PostNL’s SDK with the updated one using Chrome’s “Local overrides” feature in the developer console. It worked 100% fine, I have no idea why it’s taking PostNL so long to update their SDK since they are already aware of the problem.

          • Any idea if Firefox has anything similar to Chrome’s local overrides feature? I’m in a bit of a pickle in that Dymo Label 8.7.1 won’t open any longer (I’ve tried a clean re-install) but this is the last version of the Dymo DNS Webservice compatible with an RMA system I use at work (The 3rd party developers are still on v2.0 of the SDK by the looks of it).

            Dymo Label 8.7.3 works like a charm, but obviously our RMA system is broken due to the changes in the SDK. I’m sure our site’s developers will get around to updating at some point (*crosses finger*), but in the mean time it’s one or t’ other for me. I did try to cobble together a little userscript to swap in the new SDK (i.e. replace src=foo with src=bar) but that does seem to work. Could a userscript be the answer for the time being?

          • Hi Lee,

            We had to release 8.7.3 just so we could get our SDK working with all the browsers. I know of no workarounds that would allow older versions of DLS to work properly.


          • Hi Ron,

            Thank you for the reply. I guess I’ll have to wait until our contractors update the website. Though as I say, slotting in the new SDK via a JS hack or Requestly doesn’t seem to work, so presumably it’s a little more involved (were our site is concerned) than slot out, slot in.

            Do you have any idea why v8.7.1 of the Label software itself won’t start up on Windows 10 now? All I get is the splash screen and then nothing. I can’t access saved labels, except as saved layouts via QuickPrint (which is next to useless, as it’s the content of the saved labels I need).

            Also, whilst I have your attention. Do you know why labels I’ve created in the v8.7 series of the Dymo Label software won’t open in the v8.5 series? Or what the multitude of little yellow warning triangles are that have appeared on labels (on-screen only) since I updated to the 8.7 series?

  24. Looks like the SDK works with both old and new versions of DLS, but DLS 8.7.2 only works with the newest SDK. 3rd party sites that are hosting their own SDK JS file need to update. Very annoying.

  25. Hi, we are using the latest DLS 8.7.2 on Mac OS. I am getting a “No Ports could be configured using SSL” error when diagnosing via the dymo web services widget on 10.13.5. On 10.13.6 I an able to diagnose and see the certificate is valid but when directed back to our label pages, there is an error that says “Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help

    I tested 8.7.2 on a 10.12.6 machine and have no issues reaching or printing.

    • Hi Lawrence,

      I wonder if I can get some more information from you:
      1. What browser are you testing with?
      2. What output do you get from the terminal for this command: ls -alR.config ?
      3. Is DYMO Root CA (for localhost) cerificate installed and trusted in system Keychain?
      4. What is contained in your ~/.local/share/DYMO/DLS8/DLSWebService.log?


      • Hi Ron,

        We are testing on Safari 11.1 and Firefox 61.

        Your terminal command does not return anything. IR.condig does not exist.

        There is no root certificate installed. I removed it when trying to troubleshoot.

        • Sorry I meant IR.config does not return anything.

          • I have reinstalled a ca root cert for localist but it is not telling me that SSL connection to could not be established…

          • Here is a copy of the most recent log outupt:

            DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe Information: 0 : PrintLabel: DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo
            DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe Information: 0 : StartHost: https://localhost:41951/DYMO/DLS/Printing
            DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe Information: 0 : StartHost: https://localhost:41951/DYMO/DLS/Printing
            DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe Information: 0 : CheckServiceStatus
            DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe Information: 0 : CheckServiceStatus
            DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe Information: 0 : Starting DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host
            DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe Information: 0 : StartHost: https://localhost:41951/DYMO/DLS/Printing

          • Hi Lawrence,

            Sorry, I wrote out the command wrong:
            ls -alR ~/.config

            The best way to re-install the root certificate is to un-install/ re-install DLS.

            Do you see the same script error when loading in Safari/Firefox?


  26. Is there any chance that you will have a more developer friendly npm package or a git release? We have had a number of mysterious breakages only to find out you “updated” something and we recieved no notification for the js in our codebase. I have alerts setup now for your rss feed, but It would be great if there were a paradigm of versioning. Thanks

    • +1 to this. We have the same issue, especially with breaking upgrades like 8.7.2 was. A large number of our customers upgraded to 8.7.2, which resulted in them being completely unable to use our label printing functionality until we figured this out.

      Dymo’s customers include some rather major institutions, and breaking their time-sensitive workflows is not ok. Especially with the only notification being on a relatively obscure non-customer-facing blog. There wasn’t even a deprecation warning, just “Surprise!”

      RSS doesn’t cut it. Please either set up an npm package, git release, or even CDN distribution, or… stop breaking compatibility.

    • +1000 to this. its annoying to find that there is an update if i dont check this site for a few weeks.

      • +1001 this developer website is soo slow to load as well, it’s almost impossible to track issues and find releases through it.
        Please shift this all to Github and Github’s issues and releases – for at least the JS SDK if nothing else!

        Also the local root certificate system being used is a browser upgrade and security nightmare, every major Firefox upgrade seems to break Dymo as it loses the locally injected Dymo root CA thus killing the https connection over localhost.

        for a great article explaining the security risks of the current solution and for hints on how to solve the types of ssl errors that keep cropping up.

  27. I am trying to use this framework with a Salesforce Lightning Component, however, I keep getting the following error:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘Aa’ of undefined

    Is there a way to fix this?

    • Hi Aaron,

      Perhaps you could post the offending code so I can take a look.


      • Ron,

        Thanks for your response. I was able to fix this issue within Salesforce. However, now I am trying to generate a preview using label.render(), but I only receive half the image. Is this a known issue?

        • Hi Aaron,

          I have not heard of this issue. I assume your label looks ok when you display it in DLS?


  28. I’m using DLS 8.7.1 and JS SDK 3.0 in an ASP.MVC application, I’m experiencing an issue with one developer’s client (Windows 10 64-bit) running Firefox Quantum 61.0.1 and not detecting the installed DLS 8.7.1. Other browsers on the same machine DO detect the installed DLS properly and behave as expected. Other developer clients running Windows 10 64-bit and Firefox 61.0.1 DO properly detect the installed DLS.

    What would cause Firefox not to recognize the service is installed and running?

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Have you looked for any differences, with regards to security, in the way FireFox is set up?

      That is the only thing I can think of that would a cause an issue like this.


  29. Can you please provide a non-minified JS library?

    It’s clear from reading the dozens of replies to each post here that your customers are finding it difficult to get basic answers on how to use your services.

    The JS code only connects to your proprietary web service; has zero benefit to anyone except the developers here who want to integrate with your products, and it’s minimal on your end to provide this.

    All the hard work you guys put into building these SDKs is completely diminished by not providing the basics that your customers need to use them.

  30. I see this same message in the Web Console in Firefox and it appears to be a warning with a yellow exclamation – “Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated…” I confirmed it is a warning by filtering in/out warnings vs errors, etc. My printer prints the labels fine using the new SDK and DLS.

    • Hi Mike,

      What version of DLS are you using?
      What version of the Javascript SDK are you using?


      • DLS v. (Windows)
        Javascript SDK (downloaded above) DYMO.Label.Framework.3.0.js

        I tested in Chrome and it printed, and I receive a very similar message-
        [Deprecation] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help, check
        Td @ DYMO.Label.Framework.3.0.js:60

        That may be more helpful. I notice there is a “Td()” function at line 60, it’s fairly short, and there are XMLHttpRequest stuff in there.

        Thanks for checking it, Ron.

      • DLS v.
        Windows 7
        Firefox 62.0 & Chrome 69.0.3497.100

        I’m having the exact same issue:

        Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help dymoFramework.js:2053:4

        Using the Dymo.Label.framework 3.0 posted above.

        At times it can take 20+ seconds after submitting a label to the printer before that label will actually print. using the following function.

        const printLabel = labelObj => {
        var label = dymo.label.framework.openLabelXml(labelXml);
        label.setObjectText("mileField", labelObj.returnMiles.toLocaleString());
        label.setObjectText("dateField", labelObj.returnDate);
        .then(printers => {
        const connectedPrinters = printers.filter(printer => printer.isConnected);
        return connectedPrinters[0].name;
        .then(printer => label.printAsync(printer));

        Is there any way to get confirmations from the print server like “received label”, “printing label”, or “printing complete” ?


        • Hi Tyler,

          would you mind trying this with DLS version 8.7.3?

          Let me know what happens.


          • Hi Ron,

            Thanks for the quick reply.

            I removed the 8.7.2 DLS and installed the new 8.7.3 then rebooted.

            I forgot to mention I’m using a label Writer 450 Turbo.

            Running the same function I posted above I’m still getting the following warning output to the console –

            [Deprecation] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help, check
            Td @ DYMO.Label.Framework.3.0.js:60

            The label is slow to print the first time that I run the function ( 10-20 seconds until the printer responds ) But there after the printer will print the label almost instantly.


  31. Hi Ron

    We are having CORS issues in Chrome and Firefox. Printing is not possible using the SDK (DYMO-Label-Framework-3_0.js) and DLS 8.7.2.
    The console says: “Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at
    *[URL]/DYMO/DLS/Printing/StatusConnected. (Reason: CORS request did not succeed).”
    Can you help?

    • Hi Matthias,

      Sorry to hear you are having these issues…

      What OS are you running on?


    • Can you also post the JS code that gave you this error?

      • Hi Ron
        It seems to be this line: var pngData = label.render();
        …in the updatePreview() function.

      • Hi Ron
        Haven’t heard from you… does this mean you don’t know how to fix? I’m struggling here with my customers who are not able anymore to print their labels. Will there be a fix for this issue or should we start looking for another solution? Please let me know, I always liked your product, but I need a solution soon.

        • Hi Matthias,

          Are you using the latest (8.7.3) version of DLS and the latest (3.0) version of the JS SDK? This issue was addressed in this release.


          • Hi Ron

            Thank you for your answer.. where can I download 8.7.3 for Mac? On the download page [www] I only see the version 8.7.2. Can you send me the right link?

          • Hi Ron
            Is there a DLS 8.7.3. for Mac? If not, are you planning to fix this issue on Mac too? Please let me know. Thx.

          • DLS 8.7.3 for windows was a windows only fix. It fixed an issue related to a windows update. 8.7.2 for MAC should give you everything you need.


          • Hi Ron
            So back to square one.. the problem I mentioned was on Mac, not on Windows. In other words, you don’t plan to to fix this issue? Very disappointing, really. So we need to look for another solution then.
            Thx anyway

    • I don’t know if this helps, but I also received that error after I uninstalled old and installed new DYMO DLS and began using the updated JS code, without closing and opening my browser (Firefox) during that time. Once I closed and opened the browser, it printed without that error, though with a new warning I posted about above.

      • Hi HikingMike
        Thank you for your response. We tried that too, believe me, many times. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. I usually close the browsers anyway during the installation.

      • I’m having the same problem after Firefox upgraded, Chrome is still working.
        If you try and hit the local dymo server (eg in my case you can then inspect the certificate.
        In Chrome the certificate is fine, but in Firefox no cert is found and so it blocks access completely.

        I think the reason for this is documented well here:

        So if you find this is the same problem then the workaround is probably to close all browsers, uninstall Dymo, restart, reinstall Dymo so it gets a chance to freshly use certutil to inject the CA into Firefox (and any other browsers it’s sniffing for) then restart Firefox.

  32. Hi Ron
    It seems to be this line: var pngData = label.render();
    …in the updatePreview() function.

  33. Hi
    I have created some of test urls with the js dymo you please test and let me know is same html as preview prints on label.
    I don’t have dymo printer with me.Before purchase I need to confirm that it printer same print as preview.
    here are the test urls :

    Please check and let me know if there is any issue.
    I need to print it on Printer : LabelWriter™ 450 Turbo , LabelWriter™ 450

  34. One of my clients is getting a Cors problem when attempting to print. They can resolve it every time by downloading the latest DLS and installing it. As you can imagine this is getting a bit tiresome for them to do this every morning.
    They are running Windows 7 on their PCs. I was wondering if their local Dymo server might be starting up with the wrong privileges or something, and reinstalling the software sets it back to the right privileges and enabling their Dymo to work.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    PS We have over 50 clients using Dymo printers, and this is the only one affected, so appreciate it may be hard to put your finger on what might be happening/how to resolve the issue.

    • Hi Simon,

      As you have already guessed, I am going to need more information about the site that is failing. What browser and version number are they using? What OS are they on?


      • Hi,

        We had a similar issue related to CORS. It was due to the fact that the Javascript library was not updated to latest (3.0). Older version was being loaded from cache.

        Good Luck!

  35. Thank you for the SDK. My clients are delighted to be able to print labels directly from my web app application without jumping through print dialog hoops. Keep up the good work!

    What’s the timeline for upgrading the SDK to 64-bit on macOS Mojave (10.14). I’m running the beta on one of my computers so I can ensure compatibility between my clients’ computers and my web app.


  36. We have hundreds of clients using our tool based on the Javascript SDK. By making the new SDK required for Dymo Label 8.7.2 and higher you have made it very difficult to produce a continously working solution. Some of the end users have upgraded but we are still hosting the old SDK. If we would switch to the new SDK then we will get annoyed messages from clients who haven’t upgraded Dymo Label yet. Assuming everyone will upgrade at the same time is an illusion so it’s always a mess.

    Is there a way to detect the Dymo Label software version and based on that, serve the appropriate version of the SDK to this user?

    • Ruben, there is no way with our JS SDK to retrieve the installed DLS version. I can definitely see the value in this and will recommend for future updates.

      • +1 for getting the version number from the API, please.

        We had to physically get on client machines to determine their driver version numbers.
        Not going to scale very well, eh!

  37. I really like the JavaScript API (8.7.2). It works very well, though I’m having a problem with the dymo.label.framework.openLabelFile() API with a local file (file:///). The method works, though it seems that once I open a label file, the contents are cached somewhere.

    If I open a label file, then open Dymo Label V8 to edit the label file, make changes and save it, the changes are NOT picked up by openLabelFile() unless I close all (IE 11) browser windows first. I thought that stop/start the web service would clear the situation but it didn’t either ?

    • Hi Brian,

      That is a strange problem.

      The webservice does not cache any data. I suspect the browser.


      • Hi Ron,

        I’m not sure how the web service opens the file for reading. Any change that process can specify a parameter setting or something similar to adding a unique param/value to a URL to prevent server side caching in a web app ?

        Thanks, Brian

  38. A few of our clients have asked about using the new Wireless Dymo with the dymo web service from testing it appears that this does not work I wanted to see about getting a confirmation of this incompatibility so that i can dissuade users that rely on the web service from buying an incompatible product.

    • Hi David,

      We have two webservices, which one are you referring to?
      We have a webservice running on the printer that is used for configuring the printer to the wireless network, and we have a webservice that is part of the DLS install that is used by our javascript SDK.

      Both of our webservices work quite nicely!


  39. Question,
    is there a direct link to “just the web driver”?

    Our application runs in a web browser at client locations.
    To get them moved to 8.7.3 of the web driver we had them all download the 180MB dymo label software installer, and walk the entire install process. Very inefficient when all we wanted was the web driver!

    Is there a place I can find an installer for the web driver alone, e.g. not 180MB of application?

  40. I’m wondering if it’s possible to turn off the log messages coming in the browser when calling openLabelFile, I get a:

    log: xml……. entry in my console. I do not have the trace functionality enabled.

  41. With the sdk version 8.5.1 I have developed an rdp-addin for Windows.
    I save the modified label to xml on the server side. Transport the xml via the Virtual Channel to the rdp client side, and reload the xml on the client side and print it there.
    With sdk version 8.7.2 this functionality it not possible anymore, the printing results in an error.
    Do you have any advice how I can make the rdp-addin work with the new sdk or is it perhaps possible that this functionality can be restored in a new version of the sdk.

    • Hi Marco,

      I am not familiar with RDP addins… Perhaps the file gets modified as it is transferred?

      Can you try your solution without moving any data to the client?
      What errors are you getting?


  42. I’m running Windows 10 on a brand new surface tablet, and I’m having two issues with the DLS installation. The first is that during installation, I get a notice that these two packages need to be installed:

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package (x86)
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package (x64)

    I tell it to continue, and the installer tries to install them, but the installation for both of the packages fail. I stopped the installation, found the same packages on the microsoft site and installed them manually without any issue. Then I restarted the DLS installation and got the same message. It does allow me to continue past the failed package installations, so I do.

    The second and more important issue is that I can’t seem to get the dymo web service to run. I first installed DLS version 8.7.3, and I could see the web service icon in the tray. It was running, but when I hit the “Diagnose” button, I got the following error:

    “Exchange certificate is not installed”

    I uninstalled DLS and re-installed as an administrator, but got the same error after reinstalling. So I uninstalled again, restarted, then installed version 8.6.2. And it worked!… for a few minutes. The diagnose button gave me a successful response, so I started coding a sample page. The first few times I ran the sample page, I could see the printer, but then I started getting an error in the console, so I went back to the “diagnose” button. And again, the dreaded “Exchange certificate is not installed” error was back.

    I uninstalled again and tried version 8.7.2 with the same result. I finally put version 8.7.3 back on and now get the following error:

    “None of the ports were configured to use SSL certificate.”

    Is there something about the initial package failure that’s preventing the rest of the installation to work correctly?

    • Hi William,

      This appears to be an installer issue. Unfortunately our installer expert is out of the office for the rest of the week. I gave him a heads up to work on this on Monday.


      • Ok. I tried installing a few more times and looking through the logs for anything weird, but didn’t see anything. However, the strange thing is that I uninstalled and reinstalled 8.6.2, and it’s working!

        But consistently, if I install 8.7.2 or higher I get the certificate error.

        • Hey William,

          Can you give me a little more info?

          What Surface Model are you using?
          What OS Version?
          What are the hardware specs for the Surface?
          Do you have 3rd party software installed?
          What anti-virus Software are you running?


          • Surface model: Surface Go
            OS version: Windows 10
            Hardware specs: 4gb memory, 1.60GHz processor
            3rd party software: None. I’ve tried this right out of the box.
            Anti-virus: Windows defender defaults

            It seems to be hit or miss if it will work. Usually the first time I install version 8.6.2 (the only one that will eventually work) everything is fine until I restart the machine. Then when it restarts, the dymo web service gives me an “Exchange certificate is not installed” error. I’ve randomly uninstalled and re-installed several times and it eventually seems to work even after a restart.

          • Hey guys, I can’t get the web service of any version of DLS to consistently run after a restart. I have three separate Microsoft Surface Go tablets, all running Windows 10. It’s happening on every one of them. Is there something I’m doing wrong here?

          • I just made a discovery. All of these tablets were for use in kiosks, so we had a management profile from Meraki (Cisco) on there. If I remove that management profile, everything is fine with the dymo web service. But if I re-install it, then the dymo web service has errors.

            How can I have both running at the same time?

          • Hi William,

            That is a strange problem! What are you doing with Meraki? I am not familiar with it.


          • It’s a tool from Cisco that we use for remote administration. I ended up using another remote admin tool (splashtop) and it’s working fine. It just didn’t like the Meraki profile.

          • Good news!

  43. Seems my comment disappeared – I’m getting errors like “Uncaught TypeError: P.c is not a function” often when calling “dymo.label.framework.checkEnvironment()”. A co-worker gets it as well. Both running Chrome on Macs. Also get it in Safari.

    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I was able to work around it with a “setTimeout(…, 0)” in one case but not another.

    Is this a known issue? Something we’re doing wrong?

  44. Ah, I got that error from “checkEnvironment()” because I did not know to call “init()” first. I had only seen and only found now.

    As a developer integrating with this SDK, it would have been amazing to have one page with a clear intro and up-to-date documentation of all the functions. When it’s spread out over old blog posts like this, it’s easier to miss things.

  45. I’m running a Windows Server 2016 RDS (terminal server) environment with multiple active users per server.
    Running DLS 8.7.3 en testing the SDK through

    I’m experiencing the issue that the SDK connects to the instance of a different user, so the wrong or no dymo printers are displayed.

    This is stated in your release notes: However, if the JavaScript SDK connects to another user’s instance (due to being the first to respond to the port scanning), shared printers for the other user will be visible through the SDK but shared printers for the current user will not.

    Is there a way to fix this issue?
    The only “workaround” is to stop every Dymo.Pls.Printing.Host instance for all users and then start it only for 1 user.

    Regards. Dani

    • Hi Dani,

      I am not aware of any workaround for this issue.


      • Hi,

        So this is still an issue in the current release. Are you working on a solution?
        Or is this by design? We cannot really use the SDK in a multi-user environment now. As we have users with access to different dymo printers.


  46. I can’t connect via Chrome or Firefox to DYMO Label Web Service:

    the error is ERR_CONNECTION_RESET when I open the (on Chrome)
    and “connection not secure” on Firefox.

    On Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge the response is that the web service is in execution (OK).

    I’ve tried to update to 3.0 Framework too (client and server), but nothing to do.

    • Hi Andrea,

      Make sure you have the latest (8.7.3) version of DLS installed. Additionally, make sure you are using version 3.0 of the JS SDK.


  47. Dear everyone who came here looking for a solution to this error:

    Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at https://localhost:41951/DYMO/DLS/Printing/StatusConnected

    For the record I am on OS X 10.11 and using Firefox. I DID NOT have this issue in Chrome – only in Firefox and here’s how to fix it:

    There should be a Dymo icon on the menubar – if there isn’t, make sure you have the latest drivers installed:

    If you’ve inadvertently stopped the service you can open a terminal and run:
    launchctl start com.dymo.dls.webservice

    That should get it going. In theory you should be able to run /Library/Frameworks/DYMO/SDK/ but for me it didn’t work as the OS complains “You have OS X 10.11.6. The application requires OS X 10.12 or later.” (If that’s the case why did it install? Dymo, please fix this or update your OS requirements.)

    Now, click that Dymo icon in the menubar and then “Diagnose…” That should prompt you to open a link in your web browser like “”. Open it. In Firefox. If you are like me you will get an error page saying: “Your connection is not secure The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.” Click “Advanced”. Then click “Add Exception”. In the following dialog, check the box that says “permanently store this exception” and then click “Confirm Security Exception”.

    That should do it. You should now be looking at a test page for the service that says “Congratulations! DLS Web Service is up and running. You can now print from supported web sites.”

    For whatever reason, Firefox does not like DYMO’s Root CA and you need to manually add the exception to get it working. Hope this helps some of you.

  48. Any news on macOS Mojave compatibility? We running into issues. Sometimes it works, but after printing 1 or two tickets we get errors.On earlier versions of macOS we didn’t have any issues at all. Since most of our clients updated to Mojave this is giving us headaches…

    • Hi Kevin,

      Are you printing from DLS or from a custom application? What type of errors are you getting? What version of DLS do you have installed?


      • Hi Ron,

        We’re using a webbased app running in Safari 12.
        We use the latest 3.0 javascript framework and have Dymo label installed.

        Everything is working just fine on macOS High Sierra. On Majove it sometimes works, but after a few printed labels (or sometimes even at the first label) we get this error:

        “DYMO Label Plugin is not installed.”


        • Thanks for the info, Kevin. I will get the Mac team to look at this.


        • Hey Kevin,

          I think “DYMO Label Plugin is not installed.” means it looks for old plugin, because it can’t find Web Service.
          Please do the following when you encounter this issue:
          1) Collect JavaScript console log
          2) Check if Web Service is actually running in system tray
          3) Do Diagnose… from Web Service system tray
          4) Look for Web Service crash reports in


  49. Is there javascript samples on how to print to the DYMO Label Writer 450 Twin Turbo label printer, like how to print using a specific label on the printer.

      • How do i tell the printer what side to print from left or right?

      • I was able to get the printing working either left or right by setting printXml, it works fine in development left side goes to left with a kind of label then the other label to print goes to the left side to print a file folder label. I deploy it to production test server and it fail the printing of both labels defaults to the left roll.

        Links below to github gists

        Label 1:
        Label 2:

        • Label 1

        • Hi Austin,

          If it worked in the development environment, I doubt it is a code issue. I suspect there are critical differences between the dev/release environments. Can you please list those differences? OS, DLS version, etc…


          • Development OS: – My Macbook Pro
            macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
            DLS: Version
            Chrome: Version 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)

            Production Web Server:
            Ubuntu 16.04

            When deployed to production i use my Macbook Pro to print labels through chrome.

          • I got it figured out. when i published to production before and after the previous javascript files were on the server. I deleted the old files and reuploaded the new files and prints correctly now. I also update dymo label software to 8.7.2 on my mac

  50. Label 1:

  51. Github Repo of 2 Javascript Files

  52. Just wanted to share with everyone that MacOS Mojave with Safari 12 removes NPAPI plugin support. So… anyone who is depending on the plugin and older browsers that support NPAPI can scratch Safari off that list.

    Legacy NPAPI Plug-ins
    Removed support for running legacy NPAPI plug-ins other than Adobe Flash.

  53. Sophos Firewall Intrusion Detection is blocking the AddressFixer [confirmed by turning off and AddressFixer worked]

    Can you provide an address so that I can allow as an exception?

  54. Hi.
    1. My Magento installation doesn’t detect the DYMO printer. What should I do.
    2. What can I with the .JS file? How does that work (installing)?

    • Hi Pete,

      I am sorry, I don’t understand what you are trying to do. If you are having an issue with Magento, I suggest contacting them directly. Perhaps their software does not support DYMO printers??


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