Jul 282011

We are proud to announce the release of DYMO Label software version 8.3.1 for Mac. This release adds support for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). This release is mandatory, earlier releases will NOT work on 10.7. The release is available from here.

Here is some technical information describing the underlying changes in DLS and the printer drivers:

  1. In 10.7 Apple discontinued the Tioga printer driver architecture which had been in use since the initial release of Mac OS X 10.0. The only driver architecture supported in 10.7 is CUPS. DLS prior to 8.3.1. includes Tioga drivers, while DLS 8.3.1 includes both Tioga (for Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6) and CUPS (for 10.7) drivers.
  2. Apple discontinued WebKit-style Safari plugins. This does not affect DLS itself, but does affect DYMO SDK users. There are two scenarios where SDK users are affected:
    • If a SDK web application uses DYMO Safari plugin directly. In this case the only solution is to switch to DYMO Label Framework JavaScript library. This should be done NOT by DYMO but by the application developer.
    • If a SDK web application uses DYMO Label Framework JavaScript library. In this case the application developer should update their app to use the just released version 1.2  of the library.

So, if you are a developer integrating DYMO printers on Mac platform, here are the steps to make sure your application works on 10.7:

  • tell users to update to DLS 8.3.1
  • if your application is a web application:
    • switch code from using DYMO Safari plugin to using DYMO Label Framework JavaScript Library
    • make sure to use the latest version of the library available (1.2)


If you are experiencing problems with installing or using the printer try these steps:

  • Unplug printer’s USB cable
  • (Re)Install DLS 8.3.1
  • Reboot Mac
  • Replug printer’s USB cable

If the problem persists, please contact DYMO Tech Support, http://sites.dymo.com/Support/Pages/ContactForm.aspx.

Update Regarding LabelWriter 3xx Series Printers on Mac OS 10.7

DYMO LabelWriter 3xx series printers are not supported on Mac OS X 10.7.  We dropped support for technical reasons – starting with 10.7 the Tioga driver system that DYMO drivers have always used is no longer supported by Apple. So we switched to CUPS drivers, and these do not work with the older 300 series hardware.

Please contact DYMO customer service for assistance – 1-877-724-8324. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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  1. It does not work. worked (somewhat) under Lion, but when i received a growl indication that a Lion-compliant version was available, I jumped. Bad move. Will try going back.

    • Could you be more specific what does not work? DLS itself? an application uses DLS SDK?

      • Sorry, probably the wrong forum of this, but tried installing DLS8Setup. on my CPU

        Model Name: Mac Pro
        Model Identifier: MacPro3,1
        Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Xeon
        Processor Speed: 3 GHz
        Number of Processors: 2
        Total Number of Cores: 8
        L2 Cache (per Processor): 12 MB
        Memory: 8 GB
        Bus Speed: 1.6 GHz
        Boot ROM Version: MP31.006C.B05
        SMC Version (system): 1.25f4

        Installer requires about 5 min to install (why?) despite suggesting far less than this. After finding a bonjour-based USB-connected Twin Turbo, it can find no Driver, so no printer can be added, and the app will fail because of this.

        Inspection of Library/Printers/Dymo reveals no drivers, a bin file “pnpd”, a CUPS folder with some lovely icon resources, and a bundle file entitled “UsbPrinterClassDriver”

        On the bright side, the uninstaller works flawlessly (but still takes about 5 min)

        • “bonjour-based USB-connected” is a little bit contradicted. If your printer is connected locally using USB, then try to reconnect the USB cable. As for files in Library/Printers/Dymo, it is as expected, CUPS drivers are installed in the different folder.

          As for regular technical support, please contact http://sites.dymo.com/Support/Pages/ContactForm.aspx. Thanks.

          • You are correct, no Idea what I mentioned Bonjour in that post (bonjour on the brain) but obviously the printer is found using USB because it shows up as such in the “Add Printer” window. Just no driver. However, if I could direct it manually as to where to find the CUPS drivers, then it might work.

            Anyway, thanks for your help.


  2. When all else fails, restart (driver update) Everything works well now. Feeling like a newbie despite having done this for 20 years. How many time this week even have I suggested to others that they simply restart their CPU and all will be well…

    • Great! Thanks for sharing this…

    • Thanks a lot. I would never ever have tried a reboot. This is not Windows. A reboot is absolutely required to make DLS8Setup. work. I suppose it should restart the printing service, or CUPS or something when it’s done. Or it should be clearly mentioned that a reboot is needed. Cost me hours to figure this out.

  3. This update does not work, have run it numerous times, still cannot find the driver. Does anyone know where the CUPS driver is located????

  4. The installer crashes for me and I can’t seem to install the darn thing. Any suggestions?

  5. Is there still support for the LW330? I’m USB connected and I don’t see the 330 listed in the drivers list, only 400 and above. I did the reinstall and reboot procedure, but still don’t see the 330 drivers.

    • Officially, only 400 and 450 models are supported, see http://download.dymo.com/download/mac/DLS8MacReadMe.pdf.

      You could try to use ppd files for 3xx models from DYMO CUPS drivers distributed in sources form. It might work depends on exact model do you have and the data are printed. But it is not supported officially, and in many cases will fail.

      • I decided to upgrade to the LW450, and boy what a difference! The LW450 is so much faster and quieter than my old LW330. Even though I had to spend $80, I’m pretty happy about the improvements on the 450. Thanks!

  6. Vladimir, I am asking this question b/c I think it would be beneficial on this blog post as most folks are developing javascript not only for Safari, but Chrome, FF. They are also developing web apps to hit XP, W7 and Vista OS’s targeting IE7, IE8, IE9, Chrome and FF. Does the latest Dymo Label Software for Windows support this new javascript API? It would greatly ease our development effort to have 1 js source that delivers labels to any OS, browser that supports javascript. This seems like the purpose your team intended it for, which would be great. – John Urban

  7. I’m getting an error when starting the app: “Application could not find supported printers. Please re-install your printer driver.”

    I’ve tried reinstalling and rebooting, with no luck.

    I’m using Lion with a LabelWriter 310.

    Many thanks.

  8. Why were the 330’s removed? I don’t see any technical reason for this other than to force users to upgrade. Well, if the latter is the reason, I won’t be upgrading to anything Dymo!

    • DYMO LabelWriter 3xx series printers are not supported on Mac OS X 10.7. This was done for technical reasons – starting with 10.7 the Tioga drivers that we have provided are no longer supported by Apple. So we switched to CUPS drivers, and those do not work with the older 300 series hardware.

      Please contact DYMO customer service for assistance – 1-877-724-8324. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Well, I don’t know about the other 300 series models, I have a 330 connected via USB with 10.7. If I select and install the driver for the 400 with it, my 330 prints great with this latest version and 10.7 – but the label isn’t advanced past the last little bit printed; I’m sure that could be fixed in software with a proper driver.

        Further, if I setup the printer using the generic “LabelWriter” printer driver with CUPS, my 330 prints *perfectly* with the AddressBook program without the above LF problem – although your DYMO app refuses to see it with this driver. So it appears that at least my 330 series hardware IS compatible with CUPS! Could I have the DYMO equivalent of that rumored car the oil companies keep locked away because it gets 1000 miles to the gallon? ;)

        So, you can see why I’m a little wary comments like “this was done for technical reasons.”

  9. Hello. The link to 8.3.1 does not work……

  10. The download link for this driver does not work? Does anyone know where I can download the latest mac software?

  11. The link to 8.3.1 isn’t working for me either (http://download.dymo.com/download/Mac/DLS8Setup.

  12. The link to the DMG throws a 404. :-(

  13. The link for the DYMO Label software version 8.3.1 for Mac does not work; I’ve tried it several times. It comes up with an error message: “404 – File or directory not found.”

  14. Just thought I’d share this link for you all =)


    • THANK YOU so much for this link. DL’d and working perfectly on MBP running OS X Lion. You rock.

  15. Guys I have bought a Dymo 320 today and I am on OS X leopard, is there anyway that I could use the labelwriter without popping out ‘its not supported”? Damn

  16. Why can’t I use Address Book with a DYMO LabelWriter Twin Turbo? It spits out labels with the text at the wrong size and wrong orientation.

  17. Labelwriter 400, Dymo Label Version, Mac os X 10.7. How I can print to continuous paper??

    In the Dymo Label I not found the continuous paper template, after going to /Applications/Dymo Label/Resources/LabelTemplates I FOUND IT! Why it is not in the Dymo Label software??

    I open it with Dymo Label, but the printing is not working. I got “out of label” error.



    Dymo 310 and Mac OS X 10.7 guide:

    Download Linux SDK, extract it and find in ppd directory your printer. Add printer in Mac and as driver select the file corresponding to your printer in the ppd directory. That’s all, restart the Dymo Software. :)

    Unfortunatelly I can’t select continuous template for my 310. Dymo Label says it is not supported by this printer. Any solution to this?

  18. For all those looking to use pre 400 series LabelWriters on OSX Lion after much fussing about I now have this workin on both a 310 and 330 Turbo.

    Install the pre Lion DYMO Label Software (I’m using 7.7.1).

    To install the printer, dont use the OSX gui, use the CUPS interface by opening a browser and going to http://localhost:631
    Here you can Add Printer from the Administration tab, it should detect the printer, select it from the Local Printers, click continue, give it an appropriate name, click continue, On the next page use the Provide a PPD file, click choose file and select the appropriate PPD (see below), then Add Printer. Set the default options and you are done.

    The PPD files are all available from http://download.dymo.com/Download%20Drivers/Linux/Download/dymo-cups-drivers-1.2.0.tar.gz

    For the 330 Turbo, for some reason the DYMO Label Software wont detect it, just use the lw330.ppd driver instead of the lw330t.ppd driver – I have seen no adverse behaviour.

  19. […] latest software for the Mac is version 8.3.1 and it doesn’t support the LabelWriter 330. Don’t despair if you have one of these printers as the previous version 8.3.0 is working […]

  20. I guess I did not get the e-mail about the 330T not running on Lion! I run Dymo on MAC 10.7.3 on an i7 3.4GHz iMac 27 with 165G memory and it worls fine with 1 recent problem. It will not Quit unless I Force Quit. My Address Book works fine and my labels all print fine.

    I discovered this thread when I went to download an update to fix the no quit issue. I guess I’m lucky.


  21. For some reason when I try to print with continuous receipt paper in OSX, (2) separate long sheets get printed out. In windows, only (1) fixed length sheet gets printed (which is what I configured XML for). Anyone else experience this issue?

  22. Chrome Version 22.0.1229.79, Mac 10.8.2, Dymo 8.3.1, not working with Javascript API… used test URL:


    isBrowserSupported: true
    isFrameworkInstalled: false
    errorDetails: DYMO NSAPI plugin is loaded but no callable functions found. If running Safari, then run it in 64-bit mode (MacOS X >= 10.7) or set “Open using Rosetta” option

    Please advise.

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