Aug 192011

The Firefox extension for DYMO SDK has been updated to support Firefox 6. The extension is available here. The FAQ article is here.

Please note that the Firefox extension is deprecated. No new development will be done for the extension. For new projects please use the Javascript library from the DYMO Label Framework. We encourage developers to switch to the new API even for current projects. Here are some benefits the new DYMO Label Framework API provides in comparison to the extension:

  • DYMO Label Framework API provides a cross-browser and cross-platform pure Javascript API. The same API supports all major browsers on Windows and Mac. The Firefox extension API can be used only in Firefox on Windows.
  • All necessary Framework installation is done by the DYMO Label software installer.  By contrast the Firefox extension must be downloaded by customers separately and installed manually.
  • DYMO Label Framework supports and will support all the DYMO printers. New printers will not be supported by the extension.

  6 Responses to “DYMO SDK Extension Update for Firefox 6.0”

  1. I’m not able to download the XPI file, URL it gives me 404 error:

  2. All download links are failing! – my application is failing because it links to

    Please, please fix this, or provide a link to the latest framework that I can download.

    Thanks you.

  3. Vladimir, is there any way to update the XPCOM extension so that these very rapid (and silly) FireFox updates don’t keep breaking it? I am planning to shift all of my code over to use the new Framework, but I am also trying to retain backward compatibility for hundreds of my users who are still on Dymo v 7.8 with older printers. So for them I am still stuck with XPCOM for a while.

    • Unfortunately, it is not possible starting with Firefox 4. In Firefox 4, Mozilla guys changed SDK in a way, that any native XPCOM components will have the SDK version number compiled in in to a dll. So, a DLL compiled with one SDK cannot be loaded by a different Firefox version. We used to have a single DLL inside the xpi, now we have to have separate DLLs for each Firefox version. The only good thing is that Firefox has 32-bit releases on Windows :)

    • We could probably do auto-updating of the extension. Will look into that…

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