Sep 072011

A new version of DYMO Label Framework JavaScript library is available.

Thanks to our friends at a subtle bug in Mac version of DYMO Label software has been discovered (and fixed). The problem manifests itself at print time, when the label data is printed using the default font instead of one specified in the label file. The fix for DYMO Label software is scheduled for the next release, 8.4. In the meantime the js script library has been updated to include a workaround for the problem.

The js script file is available from

The has been updated to version 1.2.2 as well.

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  1. Greetings,

    Do you support Silverlight with this SDK? i need to print labels through silverlight with dymo :)


  2. Yes and no. No, because we don’t have a ‘native’ Silverlight API as a set of .NET classes. Yes, because you still can print from a Silverlight application, and there are two ways of doing it. First, is to call DYMO Label Framework using Silverlight-COM bridge, see sample on This will work on Windows only. The second is to use Silverlight – JavaScript bridge and call the our js-library functions. This will work on Windows and Mac.

  3. I’m having a problem similar to this but with the javascript framework. I’m printing pdf417 labels using the code and the pdf417 font, which works fine until I try to print a label set. If by luck the group of labels I’m printing starts with the longest set of data and gets shorter, all is well. But if there is a shorter string of data followed by a longer one that requires more lines, it no longer uses the pdf417 font, it prints the code as text. So if i have a short code requiring 8 lines, then a longer one requiring 10, lines 1 through 8 will be pdf417 character, but 9 and 10 will be plain text.

    • Did the version 1.2.2 fix the problem? If not, could you send the sample data you are using? Also, with the label set you can completely control the text formatting by using “text markup”, see

    • Also, as a side note, an experimental support for PDF417/QRCode has been added in DYMO Label 8.3. You will have to edit a label file manually, because there is no UI support yet. Just create a label in DYMO Label, save it into a file, open a file in your preferred xml editor; locate barcode type element (XPath is like /DieCutLabel/ObjectInfo/BarcodeObject/Type); enter “Pdf417″/“QRCode” for the Type inner text. Now you can load this label using DYMO Label Framework JavaScript Library and set the barcode content as for any other barcode type, e.g. using label.setObjectText() or record.setText().

  4. Hello Vladimir do you have a sample project that just uses the Windows printer driver in silverlight to call the printer? And where is a list of all the margins that the dymo uses? I assume i can feed these to the feeder automatically when someone presses print?

  5. I know about the COM bridge but you also suggested using the windows printer directly. So was hoping you had a sample of that :)

  6. Ok thank you :) You have a javascript sample in SL?

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