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Suppose you are a developer and you are integrating a DYMO LabelWriter or LabelManager printer into your application by using DYMO Label Framework or older DYMO Label SDK API. Usually the integration is quite simple and "just works", and you can print a first label in a matter of minutes. Sometimes however, something might went wrong and don’t have the expected result. Or everything is fine on your machine, but the application does not work on the customer’s machine. What to do? Here are some tips could help in troubleshooting and investigating the problem.

Check DYMO Label software version

In most common usage scenarios, the DYMO Label software is required to be installed on the same machine where your application is running (for more information, see this and this). Usually we recommend to install the latest available version, unless there are knowing problems with a particular release. The latest version is available from DYMO site, here is the link.

Do a test print from DYMO Label software

Try printing a label from the DYMO Label software. DYMO Label software and the SDK libraries share a lot of underling code, so, if you can’t print by using the SDK, there is a big chance there will be problems with the DYMO Label as well. So, if you can’t print from DYMO Label or there are other problems running it, then contact DYMO tech support. Usually you will be asked to provide installation/configuration information, this can be obtaining by running LWSupport utility from the “[Program Files]DYMODYMO Label SoftwareSupport” folder.

Restart (open/close) web browser

If you are using DYMO Label Framework JavaScript library and just installed DYMO Label software, you might need to restart the browser to have the Framework plugins loaded. Also, you might need to restart the browser if you have added a new DYMO printer.

Verify browser compatibility and the Framework installation status

If you are using DYMO Label Framework JavaScript library, open http://labelwriter.com/software/dls/sdk/samples/js/CheckEnvironment/CheckEnvironment.html and click on “Check” button. The installation information will be displayed.

Collect trace/log information

DYMO libraries can generate log/trace information is not visible to end-user. To grab it use DebugView on Windows and standard Console application on Mac. On Windows: start DebugView, start your application, print a label, collect all messages displayed in DebugView. On Mac: open Console application, clear current messages, start your application, print a label, collect all messages displayed. Send all the collected messages to the e-mail address below.

Contact SDK support line

If you have any questions regarding the SDK, e-mail us at [sdkreply at newellco  com]. Please note, this is SDK-only support e-mail. For questions regarding DYMO Label software itself, please contact DYMO tech support

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  1. How to load dymo.label.framework in Powershell.?
    I’ve tried adding assemblies into powershell (using SAPIEN Studio 2012). No matter which dymo*.dll I load, or even all the Dymo.dlls, I keep getting the error that powershell cant load the dll’s cause dependencies are missing or not found: – In VB2010 and in C# it all wirks fine – and I have installed the DYMO Label Progs. and even SDK – how to fix?

    • Your question is a few years old but I had the same question. I couldn’t find anywhere how to print a label from powershell. This works for me (no error handling in this script):

      [reflection.assembly]::LoadFile(‘C:\Program Files (x86)\DYMO\DYMO Label Software\Framework\.net4\DYMO.DLS.Runtime.dll’)
      [reflection.assembly]::LoadFile(‘C:\Program Files (x86)\DYMO\DYMO Label Software\Framework\.net4\DYMO.Label.Framework.dll’)
      [reflection.assembly]::LoadFile(‘C:\Program Files (x86)\DYMO\DYMO Label Software\Framework\.net4\DYMO.Common.dll’)

      $printername = [DYMO.Label.Framework.Framework]::GetLabelWriterPrinters() | select -ExpandProperty name

      $labelfile = ‘C:\temp\label.label’
      $label = [Dymo.label.framework.label]::open($labelfile)

      • Hi Robin,

        I’ll look around and see if I can find you a relevant example.


      • Hi Robin,

        We do not have any PowerShell examples but since I believe it supports COM you can use our SDK to instantiate our COM objects. This website may be able to provide some insight on creating COM objects through PowerShell:



        • Hi Jeff,
          Thank you for your reply. I may have been unclear: the code that I posted is a Powershell example that I created after looking into the .NET assemblies and going through some extensive trial&error (not yet very experienced with using .NET in PS).
          I have a label in which I manipulate the contents using a different script, so the only thing I needed was printing an existing label file. Given code does exactly that.

          Of course it needs to check if the file location and files exist, if a label printer is connected and what to do if more than one labelprinter is found.
          I just posted this code for anyone out there trying to print using Powershell (using the shell or ISE, haven’t tried with Sapien).


  2. I am using Firefox 9.0.1 and the latest dymo framework. The call

    labelSet = new dymo.label.framework.LabelSetBuilder();

    takes a LONG time… around 45-90 seconds. I have tried to only take this hit the first time, and if the labelset is already created, just emptying it and adding records for subsequent calls. This is marginally faster. I have also tested this in Chrome with the exact same result.

    Application is pretty straightforward: just javascript in the browser to a local DYMO labelwriter 400 Turbo. In the end, it prints fine, it just freezes up the browser for 90 seconds while it does it’s thing to kick off the job.

    Here is the DebugView log:


    00000009 25.79166603 [5696] npsimple: new
    00000010 25.85995483 [5696] npsimple: setWindow
    00000011 25.86068916 [5696] npsimple: getValue
    00000012 30.00312042 [1252]
    00000013 30.00312042 [1252] TT: Radio state info: on
    00000014 37.50622940 [1252]
    00000015 37.50622940 [1252] TT: Radio state info: on
    00000016 45.00115967 [1252]
    00000017 45.00115967 [1252] TT: Radio state info: on
    00000018 52.50168991 [1252]
    00000019 52.50168991 [1252] TT: Radio state info: on
    00000020 60.00519180 [1252]
    00000021 60.00519180 [1252] TT: Radio state info: on
    00000022 67.50249481 [1252]
    00000023 67.50249481 [1252] TT: Radio state info: on
    00000024 75.00264740 [1252]
    00000025 75.00264740 [1252] TT: Radio state info: on
    00000026 82.50685883 [1252]
    00000027 82.50685883 [1252] TT: Radio state info: on
    00000028 90.38897705 [1252]
    00000029 90.38897705 [1252] TT: Radio state info: on
    00000030 97.88916016 [1252]
    00000031 97.88916016 [1252] TT: Radio state info: on
    00000032 105.00440979 [1252]
    00000033 105.00440979 [1252] TT: Radio state info: on
    00000034 112.50714111 [1252]
    00000035 112.50714111 [1252] TT: Radio state info: on
    00000036 120.00476074 [1252]
    00000037 120.00476074 [1252] TT: Radio state info: on
    00000038 127.50485229 [1252]
    00000039 127.50485229 [1252] TT: Radio state info: on
    00000040 135.00529480 [1252]
    00000041 135.00529480 [1252] TT: Radio state info: on
    00000042 136.73919678 [5696] plugin-container.exe Information: 0 :
    00000043 136.74496460 [5696] Utils.CreateLabelPrintParams(): printParams == null, creating default printParams based on printer type


    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. A wait time that long that freezes out the application won’t work.


  3. Has anyone experienced problems with the DYMO frame work not working for browsers running Windows 8?

    Our web app is running fine on Windows 7/Vista/XP and MacOS X. But when we installed tried to use the same web app on Win 8 it does not work. Are there problems with the plugins installed to the browsers under Windows 8? We’re using the latest DYMO javascript framework and the latest DYMO installs.

  4. I have a problem with printing on Windows 2008 Server. I have installed SDK 8.4.2, but when I try to print from my application (communication via high level code), I receive a message: Class Dymo.DymoAddIn is not registered. I also installed WIN_DLS 7.8 and DLS7Update, but the problem still exists. WIN_DLS does not recognize USB port, to which Dymo is attached.
    There are no such problems with version 8.4.2, which is installed with no problems and allows to print everything from the Label Designer Programme)
    I believe, that if the DymoAddIn object is properly registered, then all other tasks would work ok.
    Maybe I could register it manually? How to register Dymo ActiveX or how to print in a different way on such machine?
    I am working on Administrator Account. I have changed default Internet Options to allow run ActiveX objects.
    I had no problems with printing the same way on Windows 7 or Windows XP.
    I tried also low-level printing using DLL, but I receive always information “Unable to load Dymo driver”. I have spent many hours to resolve the problem, but I found no solution.

  5. I have installed dymo label writer 450 on my windows system and the required proxy settings. When i opened the PrintMeThatLabel example through my android phone I could add the printer through the ip as the desktop and phone are on the same wifi network but on giving the print command it gives InvalidJob Id. Any Suggestions?

    • Are you able to run the PrintMeThatLabel sample successfully on a desktop PC on the same network?

      • I get the same, “Status: InvalidJobId”. I get the same message on my iPhone as I do on my windows machine. My windows machine has the SDK installed on it along with the proxy service. I can print using the direct method from javascript, just not the URI method.

        Any suggestions?

  6. Using the javascript dsk, I’ve got it working now being able to select label quantity. I want to add the ability to pick which roll to print on.

    How do I specify multiple params to pass to dymo.label.framework.createLabelWriterPrintParamsXml

    Can I just separate them with a comma?

    Can I pass Auto or any setting to a Non twin turbo and have it just ignore it? Or will it choke trying to set that param on a non twinturbo?

  7. Hi Im running mac 10.9 google chrome, using the javascript framework. I was using a labelwriter 450 turbo, now i am using the twin turbo. I am able to print and also able to set print parameters copies property however since getting the twin turbo I had many issues with printing first I had to uninstall all software and reinstall in order to remove previous printer from getPrinters() array. now I am able to print to the twin turbo however no matter what enumeration i use with the print Params twinTurboRoll it prints to the last printed from the dls it seems that it is not reading the print params. I hunted around through the framework.latest and came to a stop when it passes the information to the plugin. which leads me to my next question. is there a location on my computer where I can look at the code in the plugin that gets embedded, I really need to be able to define which side to print to.

  8. I am using dymoAddInClass & DymoLabelsClass V -8.2.2
    I want to view my label as similar as your javascript labels are viewing .
    reading .lwl as well .label file

    i mean it looks like similar layout like javascript framework have.
    please help me to display with the help of c# code

    how to set Image to layout?

  9. Let me know how to found this SDK’s?

  10. I would like to know how to print multi labels with same layout but different data continuously.
    I tried to use the following VB.NET code but the labels are printed as single lable not continuously.

    Dim Label As DYMO.Label.Framework.ILabel
    Label = DYMO.Label.Framework.Framework.Open(“Small30334-CF000.label”)
    For n = 0 To DataGridView1.Rows.Count – 2

    Label.SetObjectText(“T1”, DataGridView1.Rows(n).Cells(1).Value.ToString)
    Label.SetObjectText(“T2”, DataGridView1.Rows(n).Cells(2).Value.ToString)
    Label.SetObjectText(“T3”, DataGridView1.Rows(n).Cells(3).Value.ToString)
    Label.SetObjectText(“T4”, DataGridView1.Rows(n).Cells(4).Value.ToString)
    Label.Print(“DYMO LabelWriter 450 DUO Label”)


    In any case the code works but it would be great to update it!

    • Could you please provide greater clarification? What do you mean by “labels are printed as single label and not continuously?” Each print job should be printed on separate physical label.

      You also say that the above code works great. If it works, what exactly is the problem then?

  11. I am working on an application that prints on dymo labels and I’m trying to find out the paper size and the coordinates of the printable area of the labels. My only input parameter is the code of the label that is used in the new DieCutLabel() call (for example Small30334 for the 32×57 mm label)

    Is it possible ?

    • The easiest way is to design your label with DYMO Label Software (DLS) and save the label as template. Thereafter you can load the label template from your custom app and modify the corresponding fields before you send the label to the printer.

  12. Yes I know but I have to create the label interely in my software,
    Anywat, i have another simple question, the sdk documents states that the values in the rect class are in dpi.
    I have the object coordinates in mm, how can I convert them to dpi to be used in the addobject call?

    • dpi stands for dots per inch which equal to dots per 25.4mm.

      What DYMO printer are you using since not all DYMO printers are supporting 300 dpi?

  13. dymo labelwriter 400

  14. Hi,

    I’m trying to use the web SDK that includes the proxy service, with a labelmanager PNP. If I install the latest DYMO Label software then I cannot connect to the proxy using the PrintMeThatLabel sample. However, if I install the older version (v8) then the getPrinters call succeeds (HTTP 200), but my printer is not detected – and of course can’t be found in the DYMO Label software.

    Is there a solution for my problem – i.e. a version of the web proxy which works with the latest DYMO Label? My use case is a laboratory with a printer attached to a PC or wirelessly connected, which we want various PCs and Android tablets to be able to print on from webpages hosted on a server in a separate comms room.


  15. not reading in elvanto

    • Hi Veronica,

      I’m not quite sure I follow you. Could you please provide more details?


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