Jan 152013

Hello again!

We would like to get some feedback about what printers all of our SDK developers are using. Answer in the poll below and let us know which printer/printers you are using in your DYMO SDK applications. Thanks!

[polldaddy poll=6808778]

  5 Responses to “Poll: SDK Printers”

  1. (I guess that the poll is through comments)

    I personally have a LabelWriter 400, but I’m hoping to write an application that will be applicable to the whole LabelWriter family.

  2. Is there any forum for Dymo SDK?

  3. Apologies for the off topic-ness but i’m trying to program a LabelWriter 450 using the web sdk/javascript. Which Windows sdk do I need to install?
    DLS8Setup- is listed in an older blog post but I’m getting invalid jobid when I try to print using the demo app, PrintMeThatLabel. And doing a clean install of dls842setup.exe does not install the proxy service.

    Also is http://www.labelwriter.com/software/dls/sdk/docs/DYMOLabelFrameworkJavaScriptHelp/ considered up to date?

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