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Hello everyone,

We thought it would be helpful to have sort of an “interactive” post where you could ask questions about our SDKs. Here’s how it will work:

  • Add a comment to this post asking any question you like regarding DYMO SDKs. It can be anything: how to setup a simple SDK application, potential bugs you may have encountered, etc.
  • We will sort through your questions and pick a some of the best ones to answer in this post.
  • This post will be updated with the questions and answers so everyone can see them

Once we’ve picked out the best questions, we’ll approve all of the other questions and they will appear in the comments section of this post so other developers can help you out. We’re looking forward to your questions!

  1. Is there a way to interact with Dymo label printers from an iOS app? Sample app would be great. (from Steven Hepting)

Currently, the only way to print from an iOS device is using the DYMO Proxy Service that is installed with DLS. This service acts as the “middle-man” between your iOS device and your DYMO printers. For more information on how to use this proxy service, see the following blog posts: Please note that this service is still in BETA and has not been extensively tested outside of DYMO.

  1. Is the proxy service available for Mac? (from Matthew Dever)

The proxy service is a Windows only tool. Also note, the proxy tool is a beta release and there are no plans to move it out of beta.

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  1. Is an update available for Chrome on Mac? This was broken last year with an update promised 2nd quarter of 2013.

    • What update are you looking for in particular?

      • An update that fixes the Javascript Label Framework to work on Mac OS X and the latest Chrome releases. As I understand it, this broke with the removal of NPAPI from Chrome 22+. See the first comment in the link below:

        Honestly, though, with the changes here, I don’t even know where the latest Framework can be downloaded or where the release notes are, etc. Perhaps I’m missing it — can you point me to a single location that has the downloads, references, and other information for all the Dymo developer packages?

  2. I am having an issue with a few computers running windows XP with the High Level COM in Excel 2010. Dymo version 8.5.0

    As soon as my program hits Set myDymo = CreateObject(“Dymo.DymoAddIn”), Excel immediately quits without even throwing an error message.

    I have tried DebugView and nothing is triggered to the output at that moment. How can I troubleshoot this further ?

    • Can you check your Windows event log and see if there are any errors there?

      • I have checked event viewer and I see 1 error that is triggered as a result;

        .NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.3649 – Fatal Execution Engine Error (7A05B998) (80131506)

        We have office 2010 with the latest service pack (14.0.7015.1000)
        XP service pack 3.

      • Do you have any recommendation ? More and more of our users are reporting this exact problem…

        • Not only on XP anymore, A user is reporting that on server 2003, with .NET 4.0 or higher installed the error occurs. If .NET 4 is removed (3.5 becomes the latest version installed), it works.

        • Jean-Philippe,

          It sounds like there could be an error in your .NET installation. What versions of .NET do you have installed? Also, was there a stack trace in the Fatal Execution error you found in the event log?

          • Hello drobdymo;

            The version .net4 version is: 4.0.30319

            We don’t believe there is an issue with our .net installation.

            The excel vba code will work fine with .net 3.5, as soon as .net 4 extended is installed the excel code breaks and starts crashing to desktop when it hits this line of code;
            Set myDymo = CreateObject(“Dymo.DymoAddIn”)

            This is with a brand new, fresh install of .net 3.5 & 4

            I have included the error below:

            Event Type: Error
            Event Source: .NET Runtime
            Event Category: None
            Event ID: 1023
            Date: 9/3/2013
            Time: 7:12:23 AM
            User: N/A
            Computer: CTAS603
            .NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.3649 – Fatal Execution Engine Error (7A05B998) (80131506)

          • Hello,

            I just wanted to see if anyone has been able to determine what may be going on here. I have this problem on more and more computers. XP and server 2003 mainly.

            I can provide any information you need but need a way to find a way to make this work.

  3. Is there a sample Mac App that prints one piece of text on a nametag label?

    Could be very basic just showing how the API interaction works.

  4. Is there a way to interact with Dymo label printers from an iOS app? Sample app would be great.

  5. My Access 2007 VBA module broke when I moved it from Windows Server 2008 32 bit to 64 bit. I think it’s a reference issue, but I can’t figure out which references I now need.

    I’m getting error 529 ActiveX can’t create object when it tries to create the Dymo Addin.

    Please help


    • Can you check your Windows event log and see if there are any errors there? Also, what version of DLS are you using?

  6. Hello,

    I have submitted a question and would like to submit it to the developper support email instead as I need an answer rather quickly. it is in regards to the high level com crashing (excel quitting.) can you email my question to developper support please.

    • Jean-Philippe,

      Submitting questions through is the only way to reach the developers. The developers will see the questions you submit on

  7. We are using the javascript library to print labels as part of a child security checkin system. The system is web-based using a touch screen interface. The computers are windows 7 running Firefox as the browser.

    The problem is that the labels print intermittently. When the printing fails, our volunteers have to exit the kiosk mode and load a different web page. When they return to the kiosk, self-checkin page, the printers generally work for a few more checkins, then fail again.

    I can see in de-bugging that the js script is not finding a DYMO printer occasionally. That’s why – and when – printing fails.

    Can you please provide any guidance with this?

    Thanks very much.

  8. Hello,

    We are successfully using the DYMO Proxy Service as a solution for our customers to print visitor badges from a tablet (iPad, Android and even Surface) on a DYMO Printer. Although the service is still in BETA, it is working fine so far.

    Our concern is that there has been no further development on this service since 2 years. More and more customers are moving to Windows 8 and the DLS is not compatible with version of Windows.

    Any idea when we can expect a evolution on this service?


  9. Just installed the LabelWriter 450 Turbo on my Win7 laptop, ran off a few test labels — everything seems to work fine, printer shows up correctly under Windows 7.

    But the javascript framework doesn’t seem to work. Always comes back with “no printer installed”. Tried both Chrome v30 and Firefox 23. Your online sample pages return the same error — can’t find the installed printer.

    I updated the Dymo Label program to the latest v.8. Are there any other updates or config changes I need to make to get the javascript library to work properly?

    • Cancel that. I found an even more recent update to DLS and installed that, then rebooted the laptop for good measure. Javascript library works now.

      Is there a mailing list or RSS feed I can subscribe to to hear about product updates? The product reg page in the DLS software ( comes back with “Sorry, the requested page was not found”

      • Emmanuel,

        We do not have an RSS feeds that announces product updates. You best bet would be this blog to hear about any updates to our software.

  10. Hi

    Is there any news about iOS SDK ?

    • Yaron,

      No work is being done on an iOS SDK at the moment. We will post here on the blog if there are any changes to this.

  11. Any word on an updated Javascript for Chrome / Mac that works? (See post #1 above)

    Also.. The SDK download link you posted is SDK v8 for Windows, but SDK v7 (over 8 years old!!) for Mac.

  12. I’ve looked far and wide trying to track down how to use a a bit of html and the Javascript Library to print labels from a device without DLS installed locally and I have run into the following observations:

    1) Even though the documentation does not indicate it (i.e. the Javascript Documentation that comes with the SDK), it seems as though the Javascript library supports the Dymo Proxy interface due to the existence of ‘dymo.label.framework.addPrinterUri’ within the code for 1.2.5. I find it quite frustrating that this is only documented in a very obscure way within this blog: it took me at least a couple hours of googling and reading to track down this bit of information which could have been rectified easily with updated documentation on the Javascript Library (what else is in there that nobody knows about?). I couldn’t test this functionality, though, due to:

    2) The latest DLS version does not seem to include the proxy service (v8.5.1) I looked thru the install logs and the system to verify this, and for all of my efforts, it is either not there, or it is very well hidden from me.

    Note that I have been using the javascript library successfully for a while, but my customer wishes desperately to use the same site from an iOS device. I would prefer *not* downgrading the software version to prevent those obvious ‘I updated the software and now nothing works’ issues.

    Does the javascript library in fact support the Dymo Proxy Service?
    How do I get the Dymo Proxy Service with v8.5.1 of DLS?

    Any help on these is greatly appreciated!

    • The proxy service was a BETA tool that was included only with DLS 8.3.1. We do not intend to release the proxy service with future release of DLS

  13. Hi, I am having difficulties referencing the Dymo label framework onto my project. Can anyone help with this please?

    I am using visual studio.. .net (MVC) and also another seperate project wins forms .. if anyone can show me i how to reference for both i will appreciate it . Thank you


  14. Hello
    I started to get an error on line
    DymoAddInClass _dymoAddin = new DymoAddInClass();

    Creating an instance of the COM component with CLSID {09DAFAE2-8EB0-11D2-8E5D-00A02415E90F} from the IClassFactory failed due to the following error: 80040154 Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)).

  15. Is there a way to get the out of paper error from SDK?


  16. Sorry, our SDK is not providing that functionality.

  17. I am trying to develop an application in C++ using the MingGW compiler. I cannot find any information on to access the COM Framework using this compiler. The MinGW compiler does not have the #import command to be able to read the TLB file supplied with the SDK. Can Dymo provide a header and interface file to allow me to compile my code and access the Framework? Perhaps I am missing some critical piece. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


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