Mar 242014

Hello everyone!

A new version of our JavaScript library is now available. This version fixes several printing issues specific to Internet Explorer 11.

The new DYMO Label Framework JavaScript Library 1.2.6 is available here:

The latest has been updated to version 1.2.6 as well:

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  1. I am receiving a “No Dymo printers installed” message on IE11, Windows 8.1 on a Surface 2 Tablet. I’m getting this error on the samples Preview and Print page. The printer is installed and I can print to it from the Dymo Label app. The same error message is received in both IE and Chrome. These are not the Metro apps but the full browsers. Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance

  2. Hello

    I’m trying to integrate the Dymo printer in a app developed with QT/WebKit2. I can load the plugin but it fails when it tries to find the callable functions. It works fine in Safari / Firefox / Chrome but it fails in WebKit2.

    Is there any other way to access the printer functionality provided by the plugin, like rendering the label based on a template?

    Best regards
    Filipe P.

  3. I know there is a way to check to see if the DYMO framework is installed with dymo.label.framework.checkEnvironment().isFrameworkInstalled.

    But when this runs in a browser that does not have the framework installed, Chrome will display “Could not load DYMO Label Plug-In”.

    Is there a way to check without Chrome invoking that message? This is a shared web application where only a few users have the printer installed. The others have to close the error dialog.

  4. Can you point us to any documentation regarding the javascript library?
    I’ve not been able to find it on the Dymo site, or anywhere else and the Dymo site seems to have changed and broken a number of older links form here to it.

    Failing that is there a non-minified version of the library somewhere so I can figure it out for myself a little more easily?

    Finally how about some more sophisticated examples that demonstrate,
    What can be done with address objects, do they reflow text within them for overly long addresses?
    How and when should we use dymo.label.framework.LabelSetBuilder?
    what’s the difference between dymo.label.framework.printLabel and printLabel2?
    What can we do with renderLabel – does this allow previews somehow?

    Thanks – this looks like a great tool, I’m just struggling to get anywhere with it!

  5. Hi,

    We’re using DYMO latest framework in several locations using LabelWriter 450, once a while we’re getting end-less printouts using White Continuous Paper causing great frustration among our users.
    Only way to recover is to unplug dymo, then clear print queue.

    Is there a way we can turn on ‘debugging’ on Dymo so we can back-trace what went wrong?
    When we reprint same info which went wrong, everything is fine.

    • DebugView might output some helpful messages!

      Download DebugView from Microsoft, install and run it. Then launch your application. Collect the output from DebugView once the error occurred.

  6. Hi,

    Is there a way for SDK to return Out of Paper error? I can see we can find out if the printer cable is disconnected but I don’t see any way to find out if the printer is out of paper.


    • Hi Adeel,

      Unfortunately, there is no message that gets returned from the printer that lets the SDK know that the printer is “Out of Paper”.

  7. Hi,

    We are using dymo 400 tubro from long time, but from last 2-3 days we are not able to print anything, it says No DYMO printers are installed. Install DYMO printer software verison 8.3+

    we have installed everything and able to get print using test page but from firefox it does not print, we are using latest version of firefox.

  8. Printer : DYMO LabelWriter 4XL / System : Windows 8 / DYMO Label Software : version 8.5 / Google Chrome : version 37


    I am receiving a “No Dymo printers installed” message. I go here :
    And I have no problems :
    isBrowserSupported: true
    isFrameworkInstalled: true

    Can you help me please ?


    • Quentin,

      The JavaScript SDK requires our NPAPI plugin (which is installed with DLS) to function correctly on non-IE browsers. The Chrome browser has been phasing out support for NPAPI plugins over the couple years and this is most likely the cause of your issue. That being said, there are a few things you can try, although these may only be temporary fixes if Google completely phases out NPAPI plugins:

      – You should get a prompt when going to the CheckEnvironment sample (or any JavaScript SDK app). Make sure to click “Run this time” in the prompt. This allows the NPAPI plugin to run
      – Make sure your site is allowed to run plugins in Chrome. The get the CheckEnvironment sample to work, you can try to add the hostname pattern “*” to the plug-in exceptions in Chrome
      – Make sure your site (or for the sample) are not listed under the “Unsandboxed plug-in access” in Chrome settings.

  9. Hello,

    Thanks for all your hard work on this project! DYMO is helping to make our app a success. I’m trying to use Dymo with Ruby on Rails and Turbolinks.

    Turbolinks is a plugin which captures normal links (for example, ) and instead fires a AJAX GET, then replaces the document body with the document body from the response. More info about Turbolinks:

    As a result, the page’s HTML changes but window is not reloaded.

    When the body is replaced, the which is inserted by DYMO JavaScript is removed. When I try to print, the embed element is not recreated. The print job fails, and I believe this is part of the cause. Does that seem likely?

    Can you recommend any workaround for this problem?

    Thanks very much,


    • I found a workaround that seems to work in Chrome, Safari and Firefox (didn’t test IE). I can move the embed tag:


      I found that moving it to the head tag didn’t work, but moving to the top-level html did work.

    • Turns out my solution above wasn’t good enough. On Windows, the DYMO javascript adds an embed tag with a different type. On Windows, it’s application/x-dymolabel. To work around this, I’m trying to select by ID:

      $("embed#_DymoLabelFrameworkJslPlugin, embed#_DymoLabelFrameworkJslSafariPlugin")

      I’m not sure what’s up with _DymoLabelFrameworkJslSafariPlugin. I found it while grepping through the compiled JavaScript. On my local Safari, the embed tag did not get that ID, it got the normal ID ( _DymoLabelFrameworkJslPlugin). I figured I’d add it just to be safe.

  10. Hi, the latest version of DLS doesn’t seem to install the Proxy service to make printer accessible. Is it no longer supported?


  11. Hi,

    We write online software that prints Dymo labels using the Dymo Javascript API. We have found out that NPAPI, the technology that the Dymo integration is written in is being disabled in Chrome this January. Do you have any plans to move to a new technology or any way around this issue? Or do we need to find some work around?



    • Hi Jeff,

      We are aware off the issue and we are investigating possible solutions. That being said, we don’t have any release date yet!

      Temporary workarounds are either use IE instead or don’t upgrade Chrome till we have a solution ready.

      Please monitor the this blog since we will post the new solution here.

  12. Hi,

    I have made a Dymo prestashop addon. And a customer has a (new) 450 Turbo, his prints don’t look the same with the prints my Labelwriter 400 prints.

    Can you please contact me? Because I don’t know what is wrong.

    I have included the latest JS library in the webpage. I have alse pictures of the differenct labels for you.

    Please mail me so I can sent them to you. I hope you can help me.

    Regards Caroline

  13. Hi, thanks for your great work on this plugin!

    I’m reporting a bug in v1.2.6.

    It looks like dymo.label.framework.createLabelWriterPrintParamsXml ignores falsey values, which means if you pass {copies: 0}, it actually prints 1 copy. The returned XML looks like this:


    On the other hand, sending {copies: "0"} results in printing a blank label.

    Trivial issue — obviously the workaround its to just not send a print command when I don’t want any labels :) But I figured I’d pass it along just in case.

    Thanks again!


    • looks like my XML was obscured by the comment formatting! sorry! you can reproduce it with

      dymo.label.framework.createLabelWriterPrintParamsXml({copies: 0, twinTurboRoll: "Auto"});

  14. There is a problem when you have multiple webpages open that use the DYMY JS library, and you close one of them.

    I have 2 pages open, both use the DYMO library. When I call dymo.label.framework.getPrinters(), it returns a list of installed printers (as expected), but when I close window #2, dymo.label.framework.getPrinters() in window #1 suddenly returns a blank array.

    I’ve tested this latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

  15. Hello,

    Thanks again for your hard work on the DYMO JS plugin! I’m using v1.2.6. I’m trying to fill multiple text objects with the same text. However, it looks like setObjectText only populates the first object.

    Is this a known behavior? Is it desired? Is there any suggested work-around?

    I checked the API documentation:

    but I didn’t see any confirmation one way or another.

    Thanks for your help!


  16. Hello, we’ve been using fine your javascript SDK for our applications. Yesterday without any modification, suddenly we couldn’t use it anymore, it retrieves “Unable to load label template” and “Error calling method on NPObject”. We upgraded to the last version of the framework but with no results. We are using Chrome. We really appreciate any help. Thank you.

  17. I’ve been searching for a definitive answer with no luck. Is the official claim that DYMO javascript framework cannot print through a browser on linux? It only works for us on an ANCIENT mac, if we update it breaks. We are looking for a more modern solution with linux, but despite installing the linux DYMO SDK dymo.label.framework.getPrinters() just returns nothing. -Thanks

    • Mark,

      You cannot print through a browser using the JavaScript Framework on Linux. The JavaScript relies on browser plugins which we do not have for Linux.

  18. I know Windows 10 has just come out a few days ago, but Im wondering if there is a workaround to make the SDK / Javascript work with their new Edge (Spartan) browser?

  19. Java Framework does not work in FireFox 42 with Java 8 update
    Since november 18 we get an Error calling method on NPObject! error

    Silly thing FireFox with Java 7 update 21 works without problems.

    We updated the library 1.2.6 framework software to beta 2.0 but no luck, so we switched back to 1.2.6
    We have developped a PHP application running on a Linux server under Apache.

    All suggetions are welcome.

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