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Some LabelWriter 450 and 450 Turbo label printers manufactured after April 1, 2014 will not install properly on computers running Windows 7 when connected through a USB 3.0 port. DYMO has a software update available that will fix this problem. For assistance, check here to determine if your label printer is affected and to install the software update. You can also call DYMO Customer Support at 1 (877) 724-8324, Monday-Friday, 8 am – 6 pm (EST).

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  1. I having trouble connecting my LabelWriter 450 Turbo to my 2014 MacBook Pro. I not certain if its is compatible or not. Trying to get some help before I take this damn thing back to the store.

    Please Help!!!

  2. Not sure whether it’s a connection issue, but I am unable to print to a Labelwriter 450 Turbo from a web application using dymo Label Framework/javascript (latest version). In fact, the getPrinters() method returns an empty array and the printer page ( alerts “No Dymo printer installed” on loading. I am using Chrome >39 and Windows 7 (had the same problem with Safari and Mac OSX 10.9).
    The printer works fine from Dymo Label Software and MS Word; the check environment test ( shows true for both isFrameworkInstalled and isBrowserSupported. There is an issue, though, with Label Proxy Service that cannot be started, but it should not matter given that I am trying to print from the same machine where the printer is connected via USB.
    I have been reading and re-reading the rather scant and sparse docs about the Framework but cannot find a solution. I will much appreciate any help to solve this matter.

    • Hi Gianni,

      There are pluginissues with some browsers and in particular Chrome. Please refer to this new post the goes into a little more detail:

      • Thank you dymodev. I experienced the same problem with Safari, so I suspect my problem runs deeper than browser plugins, but I will check and see if I can solve the problem at least in Chrome.

      • No way to solve it, at least none that I can find.
        I tried to install DLS on a newer machine running windows 8 but the label framework plugin is not installed. Here is the output of

        isBrowserSupported: true
        isFrameworkInstalled: false
        errorDetails: DYMO Label Framework Plugin is not installed

        Any suggestion would be heartily welcome.

        • Hi Gianni, did you solve this? I am trying to print on a Dymo 450 turbo from a 2011 MacBook Air but the framework is not finding the printer. It can print fine from the Dymo application though and web services is running.

  3. Hi,

    We have just got one of your DYNO printers and are using it for printing 1-2 cells in excel at a time.
    Your excel add-in is extremly useful because of the quick-print application but am trying to make it quicker.

    If you take a look at the following picture:

    The red arrow shows the minimal mouse movement which is preferred
    and the Blue arrow shows what we’re having to do at the moment.

    So what i’m asking, is would you be able to share the code/working code in which i can make the Print button to work instead of having to click the DYNO Excel Add-in button.

    If you’re still unsure about what i’m asking please email me at: [email protected] and put the email title as: FAO: Charlie

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Charlie,

      Unfortunately, we can not share our plugin code. It is possible to write your own plugin to Excel that uses the DYMO Label Framework to perform the desired functionality. You can download .

  4. I printed one stamp on the twin turbo today. Then when printing the label a message told me to download newest Dymo Label – Now I can’t print stamps or labels. Is the twin turbo no longer working on Macs???

    • Hi Maryann,

      I’m sorry that you are having issues with printing. This blog is for helping developers use the SDK that is provided for the printers. If you would please contact: DYMO Customer service at 1 (877) 289-3966, one of our representatives can better assist you in solving your current problem.
      Thank You.

  5. Hi ,

    I developed web application with working dymo sdk.I access address.label file and sdk dlls into c# code.Web application working fine on my local pc but when I publish on web server it does not work.Because it does not find connected dymo machine.
    I install all sdk and requirements on web server.Server : Windows Server 2012 r2

    IPrinter printer = DYMO.Label.Framework.Framework.GetPrinters()[“DYMO LabelWriter 450”];
    if(printer != null && printer.IsConnected)//it returns false

    ILabel label = null;
    label = DYMO.Label.Framework.Framework.Open(labelPath);

    label.SetObjectText(labelName, content);


    Also When I try to page to check label on server it give following details :
    isBrowserSupported: true
    isFrameworkInstalled: false
    errorDetails: DYMO Label Framework Plugin is not installed

    How can I solve the problem ?

  6. I recently install Window 10 and now my Dymo Labelmaker 450 is no longer working. I have installed the latest driver off you website and it still does not work. Do you have any solutions?

    • I am not able to duplicate the issue with DYMO Label Software (DLS) v.8.5.1 on Windows 10. It is printing just fine to DYMO LabelWriter 450. Did you upgrade your Windows? Have you reinstalled DLS?
      Are you having the issues with DLS or your own application using the DYMO Framework?

    • I’m having exactly the same issue as Greg on more than one windows installation, I have uninstalled rebooted, reinstalled several times now. It tries to load but then times out and gives me an error message


      The machines have been working fine for some while, and were working the morning of the Windows 10 installs, but have not worked since.

      • Hi Tim, Have you applied the update that is refereed to the original post? Specifically, which printers models are you having issues with?

  7. Im connected to a DYMO labelwriter 450 by usb….but the other people in my office can not get connected to it ?? what can i do ?

  8. All of my computers now fail to recognize my DYMO 450 Turbo when I try to plug it in via USB. Each time I try, I receive the USB Device has Malfunctioned error. I have tried plugging in the DYMO to different computers and used different printer cable, but I continue to receive the same error message. If I plug in another USB device to the same USB plug, that device works without problems. Windows 10 did just receive an update on my computers, so I am concerned the latest update has caused a conflict with the DYMO printer drivers. Can you provide any insight into this, or help me discover why my DYMO is failing to connect? Thank you!

    • Hi, This blog is mainly for developers seeking help using our SDK.

      A support representative will be able to help diagnose the problem and help you apply any required updates. You can find contact information for our Support Center in the original post or by following this link:
      Dymo Support.

  9. Hello!

    I’m trying to build a simple JSP to retrieve an item from our Item-DB and print its EAN Code on a Labelwriter 450 Twin Turbo. Driver version 8.5.1 ist installed (fresh version retrieved today) and I can print a label manually via DYMO Label software.

    The test via your CheckEnvironment.html” shows:

    isBrowserSupported: true
    isFrameworkInstalled: true

    Just: “PrintersAndMultipleLabelsPrinting.html” says:
    No DYMO printers are installed. Install DYMO printers

    The Add printer tool also finds no printer.

    Would you have any advice for me?

    Thank you,


  10. Forgot: OS is Windows 10.

  11. Apparently, the USB 3.0 issue affects earlier Dymo machines as well. My Labelmaker 400 Turbo was not recognizable after swapping out a USB 2.0 hub for a new USB 3.0 unit. After pulling out Mac ver. 8.52 software, replacing it w/8.53, it still was not responding (El Capitan, Ver. 10.11.2). I then read the above, pulled out the cable from the USB 3 hub, plugging it directly into a 2.0 socket, rebooted, and voila, it worked! Thanks very much- dh

  12. I found this page as a top Google result. What confused me was I could hear the recognition sound when plugged/unplugged.

    It was showing as on control panel as a “Device” like my mouse and keyboard.

    Solution: Plug in Dymo. Open Device Manager. It will be listed ironically under Printers. Update driver.

    It is now recognized as a PRINTER under Control Panel and by Programs! (Model 450 Turbo)

  13. I have a 400 series printer hooked up to a PC working with a web-based printing app. Works brilliant in most of the cases. However, sometimes the connection between the printer and pc is lost and print-jobs end up in the que. The only solution is to power-off the printer, reconnect the USB and re-power. Downside is that users tend to do this themself, but the print que still exists; resulting in many, many labels being printed.

    Any clue on how to resolve the lost-connection issue? As it is working most of the time I do not think its the USB 3.0 version issue, at leas the serial number is not in the range of affected ones (

    • Did you ever find a solution to your printer issue? I am having the same problem and have been unable to find a resolution short of replacing the printer.

  14. I have windows 10 and I have DYMO 450 Turbo installed on my computer. I went to use the software the other day and it wont open; it keeps bringing up a fatal error dialog box. So I have uninstalled the software and reinstalled it but it keeps telling me the same thing. Could you please help?

    • Hi Heath,

      Can you please send the fatal error text shown within the dialog box? A screenshot would also help.


  15. Within the past 2 weeks our Dymo Label Makers that are all connected to their own Dymo Print Servers have been losing connectivity. Requiring us to power cycle both the print server and printer several times. I have reset all of them to default settings. Not sure if there was a Windows update that killed this. Nothing has changed on my network. I can also ping the devices and every minute or so I lose 3 packets in a row, this correlates to watching the printer server activity lights. I have contacted Dymo support and I am told there is no firmware updates nor driver updates, instead I was referred to the useless Dymo Print Configuration software. It does absolutely nothing. Anyone having issues???

  16. Hi guys,

    I had an old 350 turbo and upgraded to a 450 twin turbo a couple of years back now, and have never had any issue until today!

    Had the hdd fail recently so replaced it,
    Fresh install of Win 10 home x64.
    Reinstalled Dymo label v8.6.1.
    Imported address book, all good worked like new…

    Then came to use it again today and now when trying to start Dymo label i get the following error msg
    “DYMO Label require a DYMO label printer to be installed. Make sure your label printer is installed… blah, blah… Or run network printer utility… blah, blah, blah”

    You get the idea!
    Dymo web service is active and knows the printer is there, windows device manager sees the printer, knows its there and what not.
    I can select it and print to it from word etc.

    But the label manager is fubar!

    I’ve uninstalled, restarted and reinstalled several times with no success!
    Also tried an older version v8.5.3.1889 i had laying around and same problem!

    Anyone had this happen/got any ideas?
    I’m all out of ideas and its a heavily used printer i really need up and going asap!


  17. This fixed it for me:

    Before you download the update, read these instructions to put your label printer into program mode.

    Remove the labels from the label printer.
    Disconnect the USB cable from your computer
    Disconnect the power adapter.
    Wait 10 seconds.
    Press and hold the only button on the front of the printer while plugging in the power adapter.
    Release the button. The LED status light on the front of the printer should be solid blue.
    Connect the USB cable to your computer and click the download button below.

  18. Installed the 450 turbo. Added labels to both sides. Created a label but can not print. Indicates there are no labels in printer. I hold the blue button down for 10 seconds, it prints.

  19. We have Dymo working through our website on regular http protocol but after migration to https, it can’t find the dymo printer on day 2. The funny thing is it worked for a day. We went back to the http protocol site and it continues to work. Knowing that https causes problems with many js connections, we did change the link to connect to a local file:

    as opposed to this:


  20. iMac running OS 10.13.6. Demo Label Writer 450 Twin Turbo running software version Keep getting message “offline.” If I reset by unplugging the Dymo, dump the printer from my iMac, plug the Demo back in and reinstall the Dymo it works fine. If I don’t use it for a few hours or overnight, I get a message again that the printer is “offline” and it will not work until I do the restart routine again. I’ve tried downloading and installing the new Dymo software to no avail.

    Whats going on?


  21. Hi,
    I recently bought LabelWriter-450 in Australia. Windows couldn’t download the software.
    I tried this below link but my Serial number has letter on it which is not mentioned in the link so I wasn’t sure whether to try or not. My SN is 1750111-2B 23263
    ( )
    I need to use this printer as soon as possible and therefore need your help!

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