Dec 082015

We are proud to announce the release of DYMO Label software version 8.5.3 for Windows.

UPDATE: The newest version is available in the following post: DLS 8.5.3 Patch Release

This release includes:

  • Support for Microsoft Windows 10
  • Support for Microsoft Office 2016
  • DYMO Label Web Service is installed for use by the DYMO Label Framework.

You can now download: DYMO Label software 8.5.3
You can also download the Javascript Library : DYMO Label Framework 2.0

Reference the following posts for additional set up information.  Keep in mind that the Web Service is build into this version of DYMO Label so the standalone install is no longer required.

We also know that you are interested in the Mac version.  We have had a lot of issues getting the design to work on Mac OSX, we have hit a major milestone this week and we now have a release candidate for DLS 8.5.3 for the Mac.  If everything passes, we should be able to release it within a work week.

As a note to all our patient customers, we really appreciate you and your patience.  This has been a more difficult release than we had thought but it is finally happening.  All we have now is the imminent MacOSX release.   Thank you!

Update: Added link to new Javascript library version and added links to older posts for references

  48 Responses to “DYMO Label software version 8.5.3 for Windows”

  1. Thank you so much team, really appreciate your hard work in developing a solution and getting it released before year end!!

    • You are welcome! We had the best of intentions of getting the production version released sooner but feedback and issues that came from our users during the Beta as well as issues found by our own testers pushed out the release. We hope that this new release will satisfy your needs. Also, please report any issues found so that we can respond to them as soon as we can. Thank you all for your support.

      • Glad to see you waited until it’s ready instead of turning this into one of those “tech-reality-shows”, where the main topic is “how to cut corners to meet an unrealistic deadline”.

  2. Can’t wait for the Mac version. Appreciate your hard work guys!

  3. Is there any chance to get access to the RC for “DLS 8.5.3 for the Mac.” ? Even if it’s unstable – need to POC something by tomorrow, might as well use this instead of the npapi version that blocks us from using Chrome.

    Thanks !

    • Hi Greg, I understand your position but unfortunately my hands are tied. We found a potential release breaking issue that we are investigating. I will keep everyone informed. Sorry for this inconvenience.

  4. Thanks guys for finally getting this out. I appreciate the Mac support coming soon too. Good work never goes unappreciated!

  5. Thank you so much. Can now finalize and release a piece of code that uses the API for this. Great !!

  6. Why couldn’t the previouse installed DYMO software find you that you had released a new. I first tried from the software to look for updated, and it didn’t find any updates. But on the developers pages I found the 8.5.3 link?

    Is the answer at that it’s still in some kind of test phase?

    best regards

    • Hi Henrik,

      We are doing a soft launch. I released DLS 8.5.3 on the developers site so that all of our SDK developers would have the released version as fast as possible. There is overhead and process that needs to be followed in order to post the build to the website. We want to do that after the Mac version is ready for release. At that point, we will add the build to the update notification and make it available officially through the DYMO website. With the delay in the Mac release and the upcoming holidays, we are aiming for doing the full launch in the first week of Jan 2016.

  7. Thanks for the update, glad to hear it! Looking forward to the Mac release, too!

  8. Is this version compatible with the beta 2?
    i.e. can install the new JavaScript on the server before the client pc’s are updated?
    Or the reverse: New client, old JavaScript?

    • Hi Leif, It should be compatible, but to be honest we didn’t do much testing with that scenario. There were numerous issues fixed between beta 2 and the release, I would recommend converting clients over as soon as you can.

  9. Host check is still there?

    • All previous functionality should still exist, can you elaborate on any issues that you are seeing? The more detail, the better chance we’ll have to reproduce the issue. Thank you.

      • You said that localhost check will be removed. At this time you can print only from same machine, where the Web Service is installed. We must use proxy service to resolve this issue (Charles proxy).

        Please remove localhost check, or at least ability to enable/disable it.

        • We had said that we would look into this feature for a future release. Unfortunately, there is no plan to remove the localhost check at this time.

          • :-(

            I think there is no big reason for localhost check, I hope you remove it in the future versions.

  10. It seems to me that there are some problems with the bar codes rotated 90 or 270 degrees. What previous could be placed in a certain box can now in the new version not be there anymore. But if you do not rotate it on the label you can scale the barcode down in size. But if you do this in 90 or 270 it just disappers or get dark areas on the barcode.


    • Hi Henrik,

      Can you elaborate on this? Do you have some sample label files that demonstrate the issue that you are experiencing? You can send an email with attachments to our email list: SDKReply at newellco dot com . We’ll start looking into it.

      • I have same issue and I have sent email to above email.
        It happen on dymo s/w as well so I think it’s not js framework issue.
        I sent all the detail through email.
        Please chase up and let us know how things going.



        • This is a confirmed bug, we have a fix and the new version is going through testing right now. I should have an update tomorrow.

  11. It was good to see a post-beta release of the software and javascript.

    Unfortunately I can’t seem to get it to work. I keep getting a “Failed to execute webservice command: 400: OK” error.

    I tried my own code and a couple of examples I found in these threads. Could anyone give me a tip or confirm this should be working?

    Thanks, Ferry

    • Hi Ferry,

      I ran your script using the developer tools built into Chrome and I see where your script is successfully connecting to the web service on my machine. The source of the 400 error seems to be a bad label file. The Error that is being reported when a “PrintLabel” executes is a Request Error:

      The server encountered an error processing the request. The exception message is ‘Paper ‘Library Barcode’ is not supported by ‘DYMO LabelWriter 400 Turbo”. See server logs for more details.

      I would suggest making a label using DLS that prints the way you would like and use that as a test label for your application.

  12. Could you point me to where I can find documentation for the DYMO Label Framework 2.0 library? I’ve looked all over this site and all I can find are the (minified) javascript files. I downloaded the DYMO Label v.8 SDK installer, but the included documentation and samples appear to be from 2011. I must be overlooking something, but I can’t find any actual documentation on the new framework.

  13. Version 8.5.3 still requires the old .Net framework 3.5 to be installed. This is not supported going forward by Microsoft and .Net 4.6 is the default in Windows 10. Now when you install the DYMO label software you must wait while the older .Net 3.5 is downloaded and installed on new Windows 10 machines. When will you release a version of the DYMO software that has been upgraded to only require .Net 4.X?

  14. Perhaps im asking at the wrong spot here, but I’ve installed the 64bit firefox version and all of a sudden my plugins dissapeared for printing a digital stamp for the postal service.

    The Dymo Framework Plugin is nowhere to be found and I can’t get it to install with removing the printer, removing all the software and re-installing the software.

    I have a Dymo 450, any idea how I could resolve the issue? Im at a loss.

    • I am not able to duplicate your issue. I am running Firefox 43 on Windows 8.1 and I have installed DLS 8.5.3 and DYMO Label Framework 2.0 which can be found at the top of this blog post.
      Opening Add-ons in Firefox and selecting Plugins will show the DYMO Label Framework Plugin.

  15. I’m looking for documentation regarding javascript API, cannot find anything than framments of code, is there something more formal than what i found ?

  16. Any chance of a Linux (Ubuntu) version?

  17. I have been trying to merge my excel worksheet with Dymo Twin printer, in order to print multiple labels.
    My Dymo won’t recognize any of the files, Thus I am unable to print multiple labels and it’s causing major time delays as this is for inventory.
    Please help.

  18. While I appreciate this update, I have a question about developing a wireless options. The only option is Brother and I like Dymo’s various types of labels available. The hanging folders in particular. What are your thoughts. please email me at [email protected]

    • Currently DYMO has 1 wireless printer call LabelManager Wireless PnP. This printer supports DYMO D1 tapes, but doesn’t support any die-cut labels.

  19. Do you have documentation regarding silent switches? Or do you have plans to release the software in a proper MSI format rather than this NSIS installer? I have a customer that wants to install this software for a number of users, but the inability to do so silently has them frustrated. I contacted your support team, and was told this behavior is “by design” and they would have to walk around to each station and manually install the driver and software – not the best customer service response I’ve ever heard.

  20. Dymo, what do you guys think about this:

  21. Is there a property or switch that will disable creating the desktop shortcut? Our business wanted to see this before, now they suddenly don’t. I could script out a way to delete the link after the install but I would rather tell it to never be created (if possible). Any ideas?

  22. I have printing problem, can anyone read this and think what might be wrong.

    Over network (LAN) label (11354) is not printing right, the label print on left upperside about 1/4 size and on the host machine no problem :/

    Can anyone think this and help me?

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