Dec 142015

We are proud to announce the release of DYMO Label software version 8.5.3 for Mac.

UPDATE: The newest version is available in the following post: DLS 8.5.3 Patch Release

This release includes:

  • Support for OS X El Capitan
  • Support for Microsoft Office 2016
  • DYMO Label Web Service is installed for use by the DYMO Label Framework.

You can now download: DYMO Label software 8.5.3
You can also download the JavaScript Library : DYMO Label Framework 2.0

The JavaScript library is the same as the one posted in the DLS Windows release so the information in the following posts apply to the Mac version of the SDK. Keep in mind that the Web Service is built into this version.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience.  We were not able to do a Beta on the Mac version but it contains all the feedback that we got from the Windows Beta.  If there are any issues, please either post on the blog or send an email to sdkreply at newellco dot com.  We’ll be monitoring both looking for issues and will try to respond to issues as quickly as possible.  Keep in mind the more information that you include in your post/email, the better we will be able to help you.

It should be noted that the JavaScript Samples that are in older posts on the blog have not been updated to incorporate the web service correctly.


We’ve had some reports from our users that a reboot may be required for the DYMO Web Service to get properly configured.  We are looking into this further.  The way you know you are in a state that requires a reboot is as follows:

  1. Click on the DYMO icon in the upper right on the top menu bar
  2. Select Diagnose
  3. If a dialog pops up and it complains about no ssl assigned to the port, you should reboot.
  4. If you see a dialog that says “DYMO Label Web Service is running on port XXX”, then there could be a different issue.



  63 Responses to “DYMO Label software version 8.5.3 for Mac”

  1. Awesome! I presume the old JavaScript Library will work with 8.5.3? I don’t really want to upgrade to 2.0 this close to Christmas without proper testing.

    • Thanks Team, agree with Ben though we need more time to test before rolling 2.0 into production. Can you confirm that 1.2.* works with the new release?

      • The new DYMO Label software works with the older JavaScript library. Though, I would always recommend doing testing in a controlled environment of any new software versions before pushing it out to your customers.

    • The new DYMO Label software works with the older JavaScript library. Though, I would always recommend doing testing in a controlled environment of any new software versions before pushing it out to your customers.

  2. Me and my colleague can’t install this package.
    We get:
    “The following disk images couldn’t be opened”
    “error -4960”

    Tried redownloading it from 2 different networks and with both chrome browser and curl.

  3. Thanks for releasing this! It works like a charm (after a reboot).

    Yet, I have a minor issue. When I run label.printAsync() in Chrome 47 I am getting a message saying:

    Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help, check

    I get that it would appear when I run label.print() but it shouldn’t appear when I run label.printAsync().

    I am not seeing this message when I execute dymo.label.framework.getLabelWriterPrintersAsync (I do get it when I run the synchronous version: dymo.label.framework.getLabelWriterPrinters()) so it seems to be something with the printAsync function specifically.

    • Hi Richard,
      No problem, I’m glad it has been relatively painless.

      I have forwarded your posts to our development team to look at. We’ll look into both the issue that you are experiencing and your question.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  4. I have another question as well. I noticed that the js library is using localStorage now. I am using the library in an environment where localStorage is not available as well. Would it be possible to just use a variable as a fallback?

  5. The web service was initially working after installing it, but now it appears to have crashed. The Dymo icon no longer appears in my menu bar and the console in Chrome shows: “GET https://localhost:41954/DYMO/DLS/Printing/StatusConnected net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”

    How can I relaunch the web service without restarting my Mac?

    • Hi Peter,

      You can launch the Web Service manually on the Mac by running /Library/Frameworks/DYMO/SDK/

      If the crash continues to happen, please provide more details so that we can research the issue on our end.

      Thank you!

      • Thanks for your help. Re-launching the application from that path fixed the problem. I will let you know if it crashes again.

  6. Thank you! You made me and my client’s happy!

  7. When printing I can’t see anything in the print queue. Is this normal? Is there a way to cancel a job that’s been fired off by mistake? I have 50 labels waiting that I don’t want to print but can’t see them in the print queue.

  8. Why is a menu bar item necessary (macOS)? What does it do? Does the average user care about a Web Service (the menu items don’t make sense to me, so why would they EVER make sense to the average user)? Why didn’t you at least follow Apple’s guidance and make it black/white icon like all the other menu bar items.

    But most importantly, how do I remove it? I’ve got 30 Macs with Dymo LabelWriters and I don’t want this menu bar icon to appear on any of them.

    • David,

      At the moment, there is no way to remove the menu bar item. However, we value your feedback and I will pass this information along to be considered for future releases.

      • this needs to be addressed soon. it is not essential to the function so i should be able to disable. i too have around 30 macs and the last thing i want is this worthless icon in my menu bar!!

      • I too want to remove the menu bar item. I even completely uninstalled the app, but the menu bar item still remains. How am I supposed to get rid of it? Please inform.

      • Why on earth would you put a menu bar icon up with no possible way to remove it.

        I installed the SW to test something on a borrowed Dymo and now I can’t get rid of the damn icon. On a small laptop screen it pushes out the place of an actually useful icon that I need.

        What gives you the right to make an irrevocable change to other peoples property? We should launch a class action against you.

        I need this icon gone, sooner not later. Don’t give us BS feedback for future releases to fix something you shouldn’t have done in the first place. As a developer myself, I understand unintentional bugs but this is deliberate. Everybody you has commented here should talk with their lawyer about getting you to fix this now.

  9. I installed new Dymo software on Macbook Pro but now it automatically starts the webservice and I do not want that. Stopping it manually gets boring so how can I disable this feature?

  10. Hi Guy’s

    Printer choice

    I have a Dymo Lable writer duo, I updated to the v8.5.3.2009.
    But now I can not choose between the printers, I can only print the large labels.

    Best regards, Henk

  11. add me to the list of wanting to remove the web service. what i find even more unacceptable than being forced to have it auto launch with no disable, is the fact that even after removal of all dymo files at all level of the os, with subsequent reinstall customizing install so web services are not installed, the app still launches.

    hoping a fix comes soon to disable

    • Looking through the other comments, I found a comment where someone was having trouble launching Dymo Web Services. The Tech suggested looking in “/Library/Frameworks/DYMO/SDK/” for an app to launch.


      I deleted the Dymo folder out of Frameworks and no more icon.

      Why I had to figure this out myself is anyones guess.

      • Thank you so much Brian, this reply made my day!
        After screening this thread from dymo[name] post’s for a fix to this problem, I stumbled over yours.
        How hard can it be for some dymo[name] to repost such an easy fix, handed on a silver platter.. and being able to take credit for it :)

  12. It is absolutely unacceptable that there is no option to remove the web service icon!! This issue needs to be addressed ASAP!

    • Hello,

      Can you please tell me what you are trying to accomplish by removing the icon? Can you send a screenshot?


      • I don’t need the DYMO software anymore, so I deleted everything from my Mac. However, even after it, every time I start my Mac it shows the (blue!) DYMO label web service icon in the menu bar. There apparently is no way to remove this icon. Please let me know how to fix this.

        • Hi Everyone,

          I’m sorry to hear you are having problems. The icon should disappear after uninstalling the app. Can all of you please confirm the following:

          1. You are using the uninstaller to uninstall the app and

          2. You are choosing the “DYMO Label Uninstall” option.

          If you have performed the above two steps and still see the icon, please send us the following for review:


          As a temporary workaround, you can right-click on the icon and choose “Exit” to remove it.


          • Dear Jeff

            I’m following this thread closely, since I have the same issue as everyone else in here…

            In which way do you want us to uninstall with a uninstaller that isn’t there? I’ve looked everywhere for the “DYMO Label Uninstall” option.
            Is it a part of the DYMO label app itself? In that case, how do I acces the option when the app won’t open without a labelwriter connected?

            I’m hoping that you can help me in this matter.

            Best regards

          • Hi Morten,

            Run the installer. Click the “Customize” button and use the “Uninstall” option.


          • Jeff,
            Can you please answer Morten’s question? Where is this installer? I need to uninstall this DYMO label app; I find it annoying that this little application which I have used 5 minutes per month thinks it is so important to occupy space with an icon on my menu bar.

          • Several fixes have been posted by various people on this thread. Which ones have you tried?

        • Did you figure out how to delete it.. it is driving me nuts!

      • I sold my Dymo and uninstalled the software. Still, the menu bar item keeps popping up like a nasty virus. Absolutely unacceptable. Please add me to the long list of people who want a solution for this.

        • I agree, super irritating, and there is NO uninstaller for the Label-maker 280 software. I am ticked. Having to exit the app every time I log in and have it at the top of my launch menu…. horrible coding!

          Tell me step by step how to re-install, then uninstall – b/c the link from Dymo does NOT have the uninstall app when I re-install the application.

      • I would imagine he’s trying to recover the limited menubar space for an icon he actually uses.

  13. Is there an update yet to uninstall the web service? Makes me never want to install anything from DYMO again.

    • If you’re on a Mac (I personally run Sierra) , just paste this into the terminal the following line:
      launchctl remove com.dymo.dls.webservice


    • Sorry, that information was only partially true. After a few reboots the service was back!
      I fixed it permanently by removing the pertinent plist file from /Library/LaunchAgents. I did this by issuing the following command (for those of you that are not accustomed to work with the terminal):
      rm /Library/LaunchAgents/com.dymo.dls.webservice.plist

      Best regards

      • Thanks.

        Opening a port into my machine, at startup as an action that I cannot turn off is a major security issue. One that was completely unacceptable. To the point that if I could not stop this activity, I would have reinstalled my OS and thrown the printer in the trash. Never to look back.

        • Hi Jerome,

          An open port is necessary for running the web service. The port number can be changed if necessary. We are working on an installer release that allows you to skip installing the web service.


          • Hello Jeff,

            I fully understand the web service needs a port. But, I neither want nor need to use the web service. As a general internet security policy, I will not allow any unused web services to open ports or run on my machines. So, it is good to see that you will correcting this oversight in future versions of the installer.

            Thanks, Jerome

        • How’s that release going? I’m also amazed that I could not use ‘launchctl remove” to get rid of your service. How does that even work? Did you write code to re-add a service after it’s been explicitly removed by the user?

      • This worked perfectly for me i.e. just went to ‘Library’ folder > ‘LaunchAgents’ folder and manually trashed out the com.dymo.dls.webservice.plist file. All sorted. Thanks

      • Thanks, I will try that next

  14. After a painful back-and-forth with DYMO customer service, resulting in them asking for permission to remote connect into my computer to poke around (no thanks), I found a solution.
    Download the free version of a utility called CCleaner. Install the software, then click on the “tools” tab. Then click on “startup.”
    This will show you every service that automatically runs on startup… even the ones not listed in system preferences.
    Find the DYMO service and click “remove.”


    Hope that helps someone.

    • Hi Brandon,

      Sorry for the delayed response but we were having technical difficulties with our blog the past several weeks.

      DYMO customer service is designed for consumer-level support (i.e., Q: My printer is not printing, how do I fix it? A: Plugged it in.).

      Come here and ask us and the community for SDK-related stuff.


    • The web service can be removed at C:\Program Files (x86)\DYMO\DYMO Label Software, locate DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe and delete it. With versions 8.5.3 and 8.5.4 of Dymo Label you could opt out by selecting the customize option during install and unchecking the box for the web service. With the 8.6 version, you will have to remove it after the fact by going to the previously listed location.

    • Thank you so much for posting this. That dymo icon in the menu bar was driving me crazy. This solution worked great for me. Thanks again!


  15. Easy to remove the menu bar’s Script icon on a Mac! Haven’t tried it on a PC. Go to the Mac menu bar script icon and choose the drop down option to open Script Once the app is open, open the Preferences. Under General, UNCHECK the Script Menu’s 2 checkboxes. Instantly, the menu bar item is removed.

  16. I can confirm (thanks to previous posters) that on a mac:

    a) uninstall does not remove the web service
    b) the following steps absolutely work (you’ll need to know the root password for your machine, but as you needed that to install DYMO this shouldn’t be a problem:

    Start terminal – then run these following commands – you’ll be asked for your password for the first one (unless you used sudo recently and entered it for something else you were doing)

    sudo launchctl remove com.dymo.dls.webservice
    sudo rm /Library/LaunchAgents/com.dymo.dls.webservice.plist

    • I forgot to add that this stops the automatic restart of DYMO, it does not start the running daemon. To do that right click the icon and click Exit.

  17. Thank you Roger, your instructions worked to fully remove DYMO from my menu bar. I cannot believe that this gets installed and is so hard to remove even after removing the software. It should never have happened in the first place.

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