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We have been receiving a lot of support inquiries with regards to a missing DYMOPrinting.dll file.  If you have this problem, the simplest solution is to copy the DYMOPrinting.dll file from your installation folder to the folder where your application is executing.

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  1. Hey There,

    where should one put the .dll ?
    I’m using the SDK with the javascript library … so there is not exactly a “executing” folder.

    Any answer would be much appreciated

  2. Our new DLS release should fix this.

    Please download the new DLS release here:


  3. How to print .png file in Right roll


    DYMO.Label.Framework.Com.Framework zObjStamp = new DYMO.Label.Framework.Com.Framework();
    // Load Base64 string
    // How to load to ILabel above Image Stream?

    //For Laoding .label file below code is useful
    zObjILabel = DYMO.Label.Framework.Label.Open(xszImagePath);

    //My requirement is endicia will give base64 png data i.e stamp i am using Dymo labelwritter 450 twin turbo in right roll i need to print stamps in DLS we are loading only .label files

    zObjIPrinter = Framework.GetPrinters()[Properties.Settings.Default.SettingStampPrinterName];
    if (zObjIPrinter is ILabelWriterPrinter)
    zObjILabelWriterPrinter = zObjIPrinter as ILabelWriterPrinter;
    if (zObjILabelWriterPrinter.IsTwinTurbo)
    zObjILabelWriterPrintParams = new LabelWriterPrintParams();
    zszPrintTray = Properties.Settings.Default.SettingsPrinterTray;
    zObjILabelWriterPrintParams.RollSelection = RollSelection.Right;
    zObjILabel.Print(zObjIPrinter, zObjILabelWriterPrintParams);

  4. I also had this issue within a WPF application, while the SDK samples were working fine. The issue got resolved by unchecking the “Prefer 32-bit” option on the project properties page.

  5. I am using visual studio to create a vb.net winforms application that accepts input and writes values to a label printer over a network.
    I am using windows 7 and visual studio 2017

    My visual studio references are:

    have these, but they may not be needed

    I was receiving a DymoPrinting.dll error. I tried to import it through add reference in visual studio; but received an error
    (A reference to C:\Program Files (x86)\Dymo\Dymo Label Software\DymoPrinting.dll could not be added. Please make sure that the file is accessible, and that is a valid assembly or COM component.

    I manually copied the dll file
    C:\Program Files (x86)\DYMO\DYMO Label Software

    to my visual studio bin\debug folder

    It’s a network printer, but I it installed as a printer on on my computer. I’m reading a copy of the label from my c drive.

    Here is my code:

    Dim sBarcode As String
    sBarcode = "Tank ID: " + CStr(cmbTankerNum.Text) + Chr(10) + "Top: " + CStr(OutgoingTopSealNum.Text) + Chr(10) + "Rear: " + CStr(OutgoingRearSealNum.Text) + Chr(10) + "Misc: " + CStr(OutgoingMiscSealNum.Text)

    'Open the label template
    Label = DYMO.Label.Framework.Framework.Open("C:\Temp\MyLabel.label")

    'my test label
    'Label = DYMO.Label.Framework.Framework.Open("C:\Users\myName\Desktop\MyLabel.label")

    With Label
    .SetObjectText("Location", "XXXXX, XX")
    .SetObjectText("PlantCode", "Plant: #XX-XXXX")
    .SetObjectText("Tank_ID", "Tank ID: " + cmbTankerNum.Text)

    If radtankerWashN.Checked = True Then
    .SetObjectText("Sanitizer", "Sanitizer: ")
    .SetObjectText("Sanitizer", "Sanitizer: Dictate")
    End If

    .SetObjectText("Initials", "Initials: " + analystInitials.Text)
    .SetObjectText("OutTopSeal", OutgoingTopSealNum.Text)
    .SetObjectText("OutRearSeal", OutgoingRearSealNum.Text)
    .SetObjectText("OutMiscSeal", OutgoingMiscSealNum.Text)
    .SetObjectText("BARCODE", sBarcode)
    End With

    'Print the label
    Dim printerName As String
    Dim printer As DYMO.Label.Framework.ILabelWriterPrinter
    Dim printers As DYMO.Label.Framework.IPrinters

    'shared printer name on our network
    printerName = "\\myComputerName\DYMO LabelWriter 4XL"
    printers = DYMO.Label.Framework.Framework.GetPrinters()

    If TypeOf printers(printerName) Is DYMO.Label.Framework.ILabelWriterPrinter Then
    printer = printers(printerName)
    End If

  6. Hi there we have interesting error, i can be so thankfull if we can solution about that. That’s the error we get:

    System.InvalidOperationException: Printer type ‘DYMO.DLS.Runtime.TapePrinter’ and printParams type ‘DYMO.Label.Framework.LabelWriterPrintParams’ do not match

    at DYMO.Label.Framework.Utils.CheckPrinterForPrintParamsVisitor.LogAndThrowError(Printer printer)

    at DYMO.Label.Framework.Utils.CheckPrinterForPrintParamsVisitor.VisitTapePrinter(TapePrinter printer)

    at DYMO.DLS.Runtime.TapePrinter.Visit(IPrinterVisitor visitor)

    at DYMO.Label.Framework.Utils.CreateLabelPrintParams(Label label, Printer printer, IPrintParams printParams, IEnumerable`1 textSet)

    at DYMO.Label.Framework.Label.Print(IPrinter printer, IPrintParams printParams, IEnumerable`1 textSet)

    at DYMO.Label.Framework.Label.Print(IPrinter printer, IPrintParams printParams)

    at SpotDesk.Dialogs.PurchaseOrders.FrmEanPurchase.cmdPrintLabel_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)

  7. Hi there,

    I recently added dymo functionality to my application in Visual Studio (.Net).

    I added the package through NuGet (version – the latest available), and bought a LabelWriter 450 and downloaded and installed the latest software version, and made a template xml.

    When I attempt to use Label.OpenXml() (passing in a string representation of the xml document from the label file that was saved), it throws an error regarding an unexpexted node (“IsOutlined”). If I remove that node, I get the same error for another node (“BarcodeObject”).

    I read somewhere on this forum that it’s to do with a difference in the versions – the older version I have running in Visual Studio doesn’t know what to do with newer nodes available in the later label software. That’s the assumption I’m running on for the moment.

    I tried removing the version with NuGet, and adding the references to the newer DLLs in the Label Software > Framework folder, manually, however Visual Studio keeps saying I’m missing an assembly reference when I try to build. I’ve tried ‘Cleaning’ the solution, rebuilding, over and over again. The ‘using DYMO;’ line seems to be ignored or incorrect for the later version.

    Is there a step by step guide to adding the DLLs, and indeed, which DLLs are needed?

    The Dymo solution is exactly what I’m after, if I can get it to work – so frustrating at the moment tho.

    Many thanks,


    • Hello Yves,

      I can understand your frustration! The NuGet package that is available online is not ours. I am not sure who created it. Not to worry, we do have an SDK and you can get it here:

      The install will include many samples that should help you get going.



      • Thanks for that.

        I figured it out (calling it a night and returning with fresh eyes often helps). Somewhere along the way I set my Target Framework to 4.5, meanwhile the latest DLS DLL is 4.5.1.

        The printer is spitting out labels now.



  8. Hi, is this DYMOprinting.dll the file that replaced the labels.dll file? My software is looking for this file to be able to use the labelwriter software to create a template to use for our barcode printing but this file no longer exists in the install location (our software help files are maybe 10 years old).

    • Hi Luc,

      10 years is a long time! What version of DLS are you using. I suspect you will need to make some changes to your application for it to work with the latest version.


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