Apr 242018


A new version of DLS is available that resolves this issue. This will need to be installed on any client machine experiencing the slow printing issue. You can download it here:



The above version of DLS is now live on DYMO.com for all regions.


Since 4/23/2018 all users of the windows version of our SDK have been experiencing a 10-15 second slowdown. The issue can also cause performance issues when opening label files in DLS.  This appears to be caused by our code attempting to contact (http://www.w3.org/1998/XMLSchema)  in order to validate each label before printing.

We have identified a fix for this issue and we are currently expediting a test cycle so we can release a patch as soon as possible.

Until the actual fix goes out, users can alleviate this slowdown by preventing this call.  We have seen success with two methods thus far.

  1. Prevent connections to (http://www.w3.org/1998/XMLSchema)
  2. Use the windows defender firewall to prevent DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe from making outbound connections.


We apologize for the inconvenience, and will update this post as soon as the situation has been resolved.



  83 Responses to “Recent issues with slow printing”

  1. Thank you for posting this!

  2. To be clear, this issue also impacts DLS.exe. If you launch DLS, it takes a long time to load all your saved labels. Initially, support was saying it was having issues accessing the folders. However, DLS is also trying to validate. If you also setup a block for DLS.exe and then launch it, your labels will load instantly.

  3. Potentially a redundant comment but this is also effecting the MS Word add-on. Rather than a 10-15 second delay my users were seeing 60 second plus pause between clicking the add-on and the print dialog appearing. Blocking the IP was successful.

    • Hi. I’ve been having the 60 second plus issue too. I downloaded the new version – as stated above. Now it won’t print at all. I have no idea how to block that IP. Can you give me any tips please? Thanks so much!

      • Hi Karin,

        You might try Uninstalling DLS before Installing the latest version. We have also heard of a couple of instances where a reboot was necessary after the upgrade.


  4. Hi,
    I have started to hear complaints from my clients about slowness when printing. I just check my code and it’s taken 15 seconds when I make this call

    Is this also related?

    • Yes, this is related. We hope to have a fix out in the next 2-3 days.

      • Thanks for the fix.
        Question: I have a program written in C# that uses the DYMO net framework dll’s so I added them to my project references which are copied on the path whenever the program is installed on a client machine. We also ask the client to install the Dymo DLS software. With DLS 8.6.1 and above, we have seen that if both dll’s paths, one under our program and under the Dymo dls program, don’t match versions, the dymo printer is not found. Do you know how can I only use one path as a reference to our program?
        It’s pain to have to update the Dymo DLS as well as recompiling our program whenever there is a fix to the DLS.

  5. This also seems to be affecting the Javascript SDK as well. I just started receiving multiple reports from clients about a delay before printing and have experienced this in my own testing.

  6. Any ETA on the fix, all of our customers affected because of this

  7. Any update on when this will be fixed?

  8. Simple fix is to put this line in the file at `c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts` http://www.w3.org

    This redirects all DNS requests for w3.org to go to the local machine, which should immediately deny the connection request (unless you have an http server listening on

  9. Thanks for updating us. Our community uses the DYMO almost exclusively over at http://www.accelerlist.com. HOw can we get a line of communication to your dev team? Thanks.

  10. are we close to a real resolution?

  11. How to: “Prevent connections to”?

  12. It is so slow…….zzzzzzz. Has this issue got anything to do with EXCEL keep disabling the Dymo Add-In feature? Each time I try to print a list of address via EXCEL Add-In, it crashes and disable the add-in. Seem to be something related to DEP?

    • Hi,

      The new version 8.7.1 fixed the slow print issue. It also fixed the issue with Add-In launch from EXCEL 2016. However, when we close the EXCEL file, and re-open, the Add-In would be moved back to “Inactive Application Add-ins” again. So we have to each time manually go into EXCEL Options > Add-Ins > Manage Com Add-Ins > Tick Dymo Option again.

  13. adding to the hosts file fixed the issue for us

  14. Hi guys, thanks for your quick action on this and you’re clear, open communication. If only every supplier was this good.

    I’ve managed to get my users working with the firewall fix, however we do have an issue, which may or may not be related to this.

    User logs into windows, prints fine.
    Someone else comes along uses Switch User to log in. Labels don’t display or print for them.
    It’s as if the first user is locking something.

    May not be related and just coincidentally reported after the firewall work-around went in.

    • Hi Mike,

      I think this issue is unrelated, however we are working on a fix for this issue as well. I would look for a release on this issue in about a month.


  15. add a new line http://www.w3.org
    to the file `c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts`
    is working fine for me also, thanks

  16. No http:// , why automatically add http:// to my comment?

  17. Does the updated DLS require uninstalling, rebooting, and then reinstalling the new version, or can it be simply installed over the existing version?

  18. Thanks for the fix! We’ve tested it on our end and labels are printing much faster!

    On another note, the download is REALLY slow. We’re getting multiple reports of slow or timed out connections in trying to download the update. In my own experience, it took nearly an hour to download the 162MB file on a 100Mb/s cable internet connection.

    For comparison, it takes about 30 seconds to download a 200MB file from https://www.thinkbroadband.com/download

  19. How does this impact me when I use dymo printer for address labels and I DO want to verify the address?

  20. Tried installing the latest 8.7.1 update on a client machine but my custom program written in previous SDK version 8.6.1 got an error when it tries to look for the default Dymo printer (a Twin Turbo 450). I am guessing will have to wait for new SDK to recompile.

    • there were no changes to the code that finds/selects printers. You may want to make sure your printer is still installed. You also may try unplugging your printer (from the computer), deleting your printer (in the control panel) and plug the printer back in. This should do the trick.


  21. You REALLY need to put this on a CDN somewhere. Or put up a torrent for it.

    I download it once to the webserver, and then fetch it there for each client.

  22. Would have been nice to have known this before this morning (Sunday). We check in 100 children and 80 workers every Sunday using self checkin. We have 9 checkin stations. Today was an absolute disaster trying to figure out what was going on. NOW that the rush dealing with telling everyone to be patient is over, I had time to search and find this post.

    SO, will the problem be resolved BEFORE next Sunday? Or, do I need to try to patch all 9 computers, only to have to do it again later???

    • Hi John,

      Sorry you had this result… The patch has been released and should work just fine for you now.


  23. Hi DYMO Developers!

    I was wondering if you were going to release updated Android SDK code for your new Wireless LabelWriter. I am developing an app that features your new Wireless LabelWriter, but I am having difficulties writing code that will print to it. Please respond as soon as you can. I look forward to any and all updates on the Android code.


    • Hi Jacob,

      An Android (and iOS) SDK release is on our roadmap but I don’t have an approximate time for release.


  24. THANK YOU !!!!
    Tested and it works with our cloud app.

    We appreciate the patch.

  25. Wow!
    that fixed it.

  26. Any update yet?

  27. Have u find permanent solution yet?
    i am looking for permanent solution..
    please tell me ETA solution.

  28. Please next time write a new post, so I can get notified thru my RSS reader and not be forced to check the website for updates. Thanks :)

  29. Any update regarding the issue where the installer process spawns a new process and terminates before the installation has completed? I posted about this previously here. Another user has generously supplied a workaround but it’s not an ideal solution, especially since it seems the installer may require a restart and there is no way to retrieve the exit code to determine whether that is the case.

  30. Should this fix completely eliminate the increased (~15s) the wait time on DYMO.Label.Framework.Label.Open() calls? It seemed to work on my machine, but when I deployed to one of my clients (I halted deployment after the first), the wait time remained and now I’m getting a NullReference Exception when I call .Print(). I’ve tried disconnecting the printer, uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting, etc with no change. I’m afraid to roll it out to my other deployments for fear that the same thing will happen. This is game-breaking for me… Anyone else still having slowdown issues or issues with the NullReference Exception on .Print calls?

    • Hi Eric,

      If your custom app uses the javascript SDK, it may be necessary to reboot the client computer after installing the latest version of DLS on that machine.

      Before taking any further action, I would recommend printing a label from DLS on the client machine. Also, confirm the DLS version from the about box.


  31. Can the version be detected from javascript?

    if (dymo.sdk.version<80701) {alert("Dymo driver need to be upgraded"}

  32. Hello DYMO, one of clients did a Microsoft Windows Update today, and the DYMO 450 Turbo has stopped printing. Says the printer is ‘ERROR State’. The printer is using the latest release mentioned Rain this post. Any ideas on how to fix this ? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Roger,

      Sorry for the late response…

      Can your user print from DLS to this printer? If not, try unplugging the printer, removing the printer from the control panel, and replugging the printer in. This should get things back to normal.

      Let me know if this does not work for you,


      • Thanks Ron. That worked for the wired printers, but the DYMO Wireless one will still not print over the Wifi. Says ‘Printer in Error State’. Any ideas ? Thanks.

        • Can you view the printer from the control panel? Is there an error indication when viewed from the control panel?

          As a last resort, you can reset your wireless printer to factory default, re-add your printer to your wireless network and re-add your printer to the client machine. This should reset the whole thing.


          • Hi Ron, how do we reset the Wireless printer to the ‘factory state’ ?

          • Hi Roger,

            If you look on the back of the unit you will see a small reset button. Press it with a pen tip and it will reset.


          • Hi Ron,
            The wireless printer does not show in the Control Panel.
            When we try to add it from DYMO Printer Utility, it shows the printer, we select it and click Next. It then gives an error ‘Cannot add printer, contact your network administrator’
            The computer that did ‘not’ have Microsoft Windows Update, works fine, but the upgraded computers don’t.
            Any advise ?

          • Hi Roger,

            The latest windows update has a defect in it that we are trying to work around. Try plugging your printer in via USB and see if the issue resolves. Once we have a workaround in place, we will release a patch to fix this issue.


          • Hi Ron,
            Our clients can print using the USB cable, but when the printer is made shareable, it still cannot be seen by others on the Wireless network. Any ideas why ?
            Also, when will the below patch be released ?
            Many clients are being affected by this. Appreciate your quick response please.

            Ron says:
            June 21, 2018 at 13:11
            Hi Roger,

            The latest windows update has a defect in it that we are trying to work around. Try plugging your printer in via USB and see if the issue resolves. Once we have a workaround in place, we will release a patch to fix this issue.


          • Hi Ron,
            Approximately when will the patch be available ?

          • Hi Roger,

            Unfortunately we do not have a release date for that patch. We are giving it our full attention!


          • Hi Ron,
            In the past we were able to hard wire (via USB) the printer to one computer and have the other computers access on the wireless network
            However, after the Windows Update, Windows is not finding the connected printer on network.
            Any ideas ?

          • Hi Roger,

            What version of windows are you running? If you are running Windows 10 you can look at your sharing options via:
            Control Panel->Network and Sharing Center->Advanced Sharing Settings. You may need to change your settings here if you cannot share your printer.


          • Hi Ron,
            Some of our clients are getting very upset because this issue with the wireless printer and Windows Update. We are at the risk of losing one client.
            Any update on how soon this patch be available ?

          • Hi Ron,
            What’s the update on this please ?

          • Hi Roger,

            A fix is being worked on. It appears that you can re-install Apples Bonjour after the windows update to alleviate the issue. Give this a try and let me know if it works for you.


          • Thanks Ron. However, the client is not running Apple products. They are trying to print from PC’s. How will Apple Bonjour help with that ?

          • Hi Roger,

            I know the fix sounds crazy! Bonjour provides mDNS service for discovering WiFi devices (like our printer). The Windows update stomped on some registry settings that Bonjour requires. Uninstalling/Installing Bonjour will fix the issue.


  33. We will we see the Mac v8.7.1?

  34. When will we see the Mac v8.7.1?

  35. We have installed the new DYMO exe and we are experience slow printing times… I’m using the Javascript Framework to print the Labels. This happen on some machines not all. Is there anything we can look at to find out why it is slow on some machines??

    • Hi Lonny,

      This was a known problem on an older version of DLS. Make sure all of the machines have the latest DLS installed.

      Let me know if this doesn’t fix the issue.


  36. Ron.

    We have the latest Dymo installed 8.7.1
    It works fine on my Development machine. Prints in about 2 sec

    Others are reporting 2 issues:

    1. Takes like 10+ seconds before it starts to print
    2. The actual Printing of the label is very slow.

    They tested using the Dymo Label software that comes with the exe , and did not get the issue, only when printing the label via the JavaScript framework.

    Any Ideas of what to look for?

    • In my experience, users with slower computers or computers bogged down with running programs and browser extensions can have significant delays when printing their first label with the DYMO JavaScript framework. Subsequent printing performs better. The only solution to that (when the computer belongs to your user) is to make your application as lightweight as possible.

      As for your second point, printing can happen in one of two resolutions with the higher resolution resulting in slower print speeds. The default setting is Auto which selects the higher resolution when the label contains certain objects. You can set the print parameter “printQuality” to ‘Auto’, ‘BarcodeAndGraphics’ or ‘Text’. Choosing Text will print with the lower resolution and higher print speed.

    • Hi Lonny,

      All of your clients will need to have DLS 8.7.1 installed as well. That is the most likey culprit.


  37. Hi,

    Just wanted to report that we noticed a slow printing 10-15sec png image badge 250dpi on model “DYMO LabelWriter 450”.
    This issue resolves if you restart the PC then after a while (few hours maybe or after ~50 badge prints) it slows down again, PC cpu and memory usage are normal. PC has windows 10 OS and we dont use SDK for printing, instead we use .NET print api PrintDocument (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.drawing.printing.printdocument?view=netframework-4.7.2).
    There is not memory leaking or excessive CPU usage in our program, everything is nominal in our end, so what might be the issue?

    • Hi Kushtrim,

      We only support printing through our SDK. We have fixed several issues similar to what you are experiencing in the SDK.


  38. I have the latest DLS installed on my imac and macbook pro. The Dymo Twin Turbo is connected to the imac. I am using javascript library to print labels from my web app. and the label printing is very slow.

  39. Thank you for the guidance..

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