Oct 122011

Suppose you are a developer and you are integrating a DYMO LabelWriter or LabelManager printer into your application by using DYMO Label Framework or older DYMO Label SDK API. Usually the integration is quite simple and "just works", and you can print a first label in a matter of minutes. Sometimes however, something might went wrong and don’t have the expected result. Or everything is fine on your machine, but the application does not work on the customer’s machine. What to do? Here are some tips could help in troubleshooting and investigating the problem.

Check DYMO Label software version

In most common usage scenarios, the DYMO Label software is required to be installed on the same machine where your application is running (for more information, see this and this). Usually we recommend to install the latest available version, unless there are knowing problems with a particular release. The latest version is available from DYMO site, here is the link.

Do a test print from DYMO Label software

Try printing a label from the DYMO Label software. DYMO Label software and the SDK libraries share a lot of underling code, so, if you can’t print by using the SDK, there is a big chance there will be problems with the DYMO Label as well. So, if you can’t print from DYMO Label or there are other problems running it, then contact DYMO tech support. Usually you will be asked to provide installation/configuration information, this can be obtaining by running LWSupport utility from the “[Program Files]DYMODYMO Label SoftwareSupport” folder.

Restart (open/close) web browser

If you are using DYMO Label Framework JavaScript library and just installed DYMO Label software, you might need to restart the browser to have the Framework plugins loaded. Also, you might need to restart the browser if you have added a new DYMO printer.

Verify browser compatibility and the Framework installation status

If you are using DYMO Label Framework JavaScript library, open http://labelwriter.com/software/dls/sdk/samples/js/CheckEnvironment/CheckEnvironment.html and click on “Check” button. The installation information will be displayed.

Collect trace/log information

DYMO libraries can generate log/trace information is not visible to end-user. To grab it use DebugView on Windows and standard Console application on Mac. On Windows: start DebugView, start your application, print a label, collect all messages displayed in DebugView. On Mac: open Console application, clear current messages, start your application, print a label, collect all messages displayed. Send all the collected messages to the e-mail address below.

Contact SDK support line

If you have any questions regarding the SDK, e-mail us at [sdkreply at newellco  com]. Please note, this is SDK-only support e-mail. For questions regarding DYMO Label software itself, please contact DYMO tech support